European Solar Physics Online Seminar Archiv

Auf Initiative der Universität Oslo nimmt die MPS an der Reihe "European Solar Physics Online Seminar" (ESPOS) teil. Details finden Sie hier: 
Ziel dieser Videokonferenzreihe ist es, Ideen mit einem spezialisierten Publikum breiter zu verbreiten und Studenten und anderen jungen Forschern, die nicht regelmäßig zu Konferenzen reisen, einen Einblick in die Spitzenforschung zu geben. Die ESPOS-Serie soll jeden zweiten Donnerstag um 11 Uhr stattfinden.  

ESPOS: European Solar Physics Online Seminar (Clara Froment)

The coupling of fast and Alfven magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves is of fundamental interest in astrophysical plasmas. Under certain conditions, Alfven waves can be resonantly excited by fast mode ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Magnetic field variations associated with umbral flashes and penumbral waves (J. Joshi)

Oscillations in sunspots have been extensively studied for several decades. Most of the research conducted about sunspot oscillations has focussed around variations in Doppler velocities and ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Formation of the penumbra and start of the Evershed Flow (M. Murabito)

Penumbral formation is a significant part of the flux emergence process. Despite the new advanced techniques in observations and simulations, there are still processes that need to be clarified. In ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Deep Learning in Solar Physics (A. Asensio Ramos)

Deep learning has emerged as a very powerful set of techniques to extract relevant information from observations, sometimes showing much better results that other set of finely tuned algorithms. In ... [mehr]
In this talk we will focus on diagnostic potential of the spectral region around D lines of Sodium. We will first outline our approach to non-lte inversions, and present a method for computation of ... [mehr]
At the interface between the Sun's surface and million-degree outer atmosphere or corona lies the chromosphere. At 10,000K it is much cooler than the corona, but also many orders of magnitude denser ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Ca II 8542 Å Brightenings Induced by a Solar Microflare (C. Kuckein)

We study small-scale brightenings in Ca II 8542 Å line-core images to determine their nature and effect on localized heating and mass transfer in active regions. To that end, we analyzed ... [mehr]
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