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Solar System Seminars

The Solar System Science seminar (also known as IMPRS S3 seminar)

The S3 seminar is the weekly IMPRS doctoral seminar, open to the campus audience. Once a month, the seminar time slot is preceeded by a closed student meeting, and it is sometimes followed by a colloquium talk by an external speaker. Attendance is mandatory for IMPRS students. Every IMPRS doctoral candidate is expected to give one seminar talk per year, normally followed by a meeting with the Thesis Advisory Committee (three talks and TAC meetings in total during the course of the PhD studies). The seminar is co-organised by the IMPRS seminar group. Details for participants (students and advisors) are available in the corresponding Stud.IP course.

Other seminars and colloquia

Regular attendance of further seminars and colloquia offered by the Faculty of Physics, the Institute of Astrophysics, and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research is also highly recommended (see info boxes to the right).

Solar System Science seminar: Schedule

IMPRS S3 seminar talks in winter semester 2023/2024

Coming soon; see Stud.IP Wiki for preliminary schedule

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