European Solar Physics Online Seminar Archiv

Auf Initiative der Universität Oslo nimmt die MPS an der Reihe "European Solar Physics Online Seminar" (ESPOS) teil. Details finden Sie hier: 
Ziel dieser Videokonferenzreihe ist es, Ideen mit einem spezialisierten Publikum breiter zu verbreiten und Studenten und anderen jungen Forschern, die nicht regelmäßig zu Konferenzen reisen, einen Einblick in die Spitzenforschung zu geben. Die ESPOS-Serie soll jeden zweiten Donnerstag um 11 Uhr stattfinden.  

Solar observations offer both a rich interdisciplinary laboratory on fundamental astrophysics and precious tools for Space Weather applications. The involved plasma processes determine a complex radio ... [mehr]
We present high spatial resolution narrow-band images in three different chromospheric spectral lines, including Ca II K with the new CHROMospheric Imaging Spectrometer installed at the Swedish 1-m ... [mehr]
The ubiquitous presence of small magnetic elements in the Quiet Sun represents a prominent coupling between the photosphere and the upper layers of the Sun’s atmosphere. Small magnetic element ... [mehr]
To understand the links between the distribution of the prominence plasma, the configuration of its magnetic field and the observations of prominence/filament fine structures obtained in UV/EUV ... [mehr]
The Astronomical Observatory of the Coimbra University has a collection of solar observations on a daily basis, since 1926. We obtain regular observations of the full solar disk using a classical ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: 2D and 3D Kinematic Analysis of an Ideal-MHD Prominence Eruption (Thomas Rees-Crockford)

We carry out multi-dimensional kinematic analysis of a prominence eruption in order to characterise the role of eruptive ideal-MHD instabilities. Using SDO/AIA and STEREO/EUVI-A we reconstruct the ... [mehr]
Since the work of Carlin et al. (2012), more studies have investigated, with the help of MHD models of the solar chromosphere, the behavior of scattering linear polarization (LP) in presence of ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Swirls and Alfvén pulses in the Solar Atmosphere (JiaJia Liu)


ESP Online Seminar: Eruptions and flaring activity in emerging quadrupolar regions (Petros Syntelis)


ESP Online Seminar: Spectral diagnostics of cool flare loops observed by SST (Julius Koza)


ESP Online Seminar: Penumbral brightening events (Mariarita Murabito)


ESP Online Seminar: Solar irradiance variability and surface magnetism (Kok Leng Yeo)

The variation in solar irradiance is commonly assumed to be driven by its surface magnetism. Until recently, this assumption could not be verified conclusively as models of solar irradiance ... [mehr]
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