The Solar System Science lectures


Elective graduate-level lectures as listed in UniVZ

Please find the following highly recommended elective lectures for summer semester 2020 in the UniVZ listings below:

  • Data Analysis in Astrophysics (Gizon, Birch)
  • Exoplanets (Reiners)
  • Numerical fluid dynamics (Tilgner)
  • Einführung in die Strömungsmechanik (Rein)
  • Aerodynamik II (Dillmann)
  • Physics of the Sun, Heliosphere and Space Weather - Effects and Applications (Bothmer)
  • Physics of stellar atmospheres (Dreizler)
  • Stellar atmosphere modelling (Dreizler)
  • Einführung in die Geophysik (Bahr)
  • Angewandte Geophysik (Bahr)
  • Wetter und Klima (Tilgner)
  • Aktive Galaxien (Kollatschny)
  • Advanced Topics in Astro- and Geophysics I / Theoretical Physics | "Dark Matter" (Marsh)
  • Introduction to String Theory II (Covi)
  • Machine learning methods - Advanced topics in Astrophysics (Niemeyer, Behrens)
  • Advanced statistical methods in data analysis: machine learning (Quadt, Korn)

Elective lectures for winter semester 2019/20

  • Stellar Structure and Evolution (Glatzel)
  • Magnetohydrodynamics (Tilgner)
  • Physics of the Interior of the Sun and Stars (Gizon)
  • Physics of the Sun, Heliosphere and Space Weather (Bothmer)
  • Origin of solar systems (Jockers & Krüger)
  • Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Data (Reiners)
  • Astrophysical Dynamos (Käpylä)

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