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Dr. Sonja Schuh
Dr. Sonja Schuh
IMPRS Scientific Coordinator
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PhD thesis defense by Manuel Reinhardt

May 17, 2019
Manuel Reinhardt defends his PhD thesis on 17 May 2019 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Kai Rodenbeck

April 29, 2019
Kai Rodenbeck defends his PhD thesis on 29 April 2019 in Göttingen [more]
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New Edition of Solar System School

February 12, 2019
The International Max Planck Research School for Solar System Science is set to begin a new future now including an additional partner: the University's Geosciences Centre. [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Fatima Kahil

January 29, 2019
Fatima Kahil defends her PhD thesis on 29 January 2019 in Göttingen [more]
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Das Sonnensystem zum Mitmachen

January 26, 2019
IMPRS DoktorandInnen bieten Kinderprogramm bei der Nacht des Wissens an [more]
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PhD thesis defense by David Marshall

December 19, 2018
David Marshall defends his PhD thesis on 19 December 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Hans Huybrighs

December 05, 2018
Hans Huybrighs defends his PhD thesis on 5 December 2018 in Braunschweig [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Dan Yang

December 03, 2018
Dan Yang defends his PhD thesis on 3 December 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Nathalie Themessl

September 28, 2018
Nathalie Themessl defends her PhD thesis on 28 September 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Tanja Schäfer

September 05, 2018
Tanja Schäfer defends her PhD thesis on 5 September 2018 at TU Clausthal [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Rosita Kokotanekova

August 30, 2018
Rosita Kokotanekova defends her PhD thesis on 30 August 2018 at Open University [more]
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IMPRS alumn Yeo wins SCOSTEP Award

July 09, 2018
SCOSTEP Award at 14th Quadrennial Solar-Terrestrial Physics Symposium 9-13 July 2018 in Toronto [more]
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PhD thesis defense by German Fernandez Rico

June 15, 2018
German Feranandez Rico defends his PhD thesis on 15 June 2018 in Madrid [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Gesa Becker

June 05, 2018
Gesa Becker defends her PhD thesis on 05 June 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Helge Missbach

May 30, 2018
Helge Missbach defends his PhD thesis on 30 May 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Chi-Ju Wu

May 23, 2018
Chi-Ju Wu defends her PhD thesis on 23 May 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Earl Bellinger

May 16, 2018
Earl Bellinger defends his PhD thesis on 16 May 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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Viviani wins best poster award at IAU Symposium

March 02, 2018
Best Poster Award for Mariangela Viviani at IAU Symposium in Jaipur (India) [more]
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PhDnet GöHub International Cuisine Event

February 02, 2018
PhDnet Steering Group 2018 is visiting [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Ricardo Gafeira

January 31, 2018
Ricardo Gafeira defends his PhD thesis on 31 January 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Azaymi Litzi Siu Tapia

January 29, 2018
Azaymi Litzi Siu Tapia defends her PhD thesis on 29 January 2018 in Göttingen [more]
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Three IMPRS alumni selected for Forums for New Leaders in Space Science

January 23, 2018
Mark Cheung, Hui Tian and Li Feng to participate in 7th and 8th Forums in 2018 [more]
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Bellinger: Deep look into hearts of stars

January 02, 2018
Researchers measure the inner structure of distant suns from their pulsations [more]
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PhD thesis defense by Sebastian Lorek

December 19, 2017
Sebastian Lorek defends his PhD thesis on 19 December 2017 in Braunschweig [more]
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Workshop on research careers, Pune, India

November 11, 2017
At IISER Pune on 11-12 November 2017, organized by MPG and Uni Goettingen India Office [more]
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N2 Science Communication Event in Berlin

November 06, 2017
Joint event of N² - PhD networks from 6-8 November 2017 in Berlin [more]
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Philipp Grete receives AG doctoral thesis award 2017

September 19, 2017
Philipp Grete is honoured with the doctoral thesis award of the German Astronomical Society [more]

Young astrophysicists meeting at AG2017

September 18, 2017
IMPRS students co-organise Young astrophysicists meeting at annual meeting of German Astronomical Scocity in Göttingen [more]
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Rocks and Stars conference 2017

September 13, 2017
Students of the IMPRS Solar System School organise Solar System Science conference [more]

Max Planck PhDnet GöHub in Göttingen

September 07, 2017
Hosted by MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity [more]
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