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Scientific publications by or with contributions from IMPRS students

IMPRS PhD candidates contribute significantly  the publication output of the MPS. Their publications cover scientific topics in all areas of solar system science, ranging from astrophysics, stellar and solar physics including asteroseismology and helioseismology to planetary sciences including cometary science, space exploration, and geophysics, and use diverse methods from instrumentation development, data analysis and interpretation to analytical modelling and numerical simulations.

Whenever possible, the full texts of these publications are made available to other researchers and to the public through institutional or society-wide repositories. As a minimum, the repositories list the bibliographic information of the publications.

The information boxes to the right help to navigate the repository data bases that keep track of IMPRS-related publications. The links execute pre-defined queries.

Additionally, an overview of all PhD theses published by IMPRS graduates is available.

More research options for publications in general are available through the services of the MPS library.

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