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Scientific Presentation and Communication

Talk or poster presentations at national or international conferences

The Solar System School encourages scientific exchange through journal clubs and the attendance of national or international conferences on topics in astronomy, astrophysics or the planetary sciences. The School can provide travel funds to attend conferences. Students will on average have the opportunity to attend one summer/winter school or conference per year.

In their S3 seminar talks, students report on their PhD research project progress and at the same time train how to give scientific presentations. This training prepares them for their defense talks, as well as for presentations at international conferences in front of larger audiences in their scientific communities.

Students keep up-to-date with recent developments in their research areas through literature reading and engage in additional scientific discussions with their peers and more advanced researchers during journal club meetings.

During dedicated qualification courses, students have the opportunity to improve their communication and presentation skills.

How to find conferences in your field

Journal clubs

Solar Physics Journal Club; contact J. Warnecke.

Stars and Stellar Systems Journal Club; see Agenda: https://ajc.husser.de/




Summer/Winter schools

Check the Stud.IP Solar System School Community Forum posts! And lmgtfy

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