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Auf Initiative der Universität Oslo nimmt die MPS an der Reihe "European Solar Physics Online Seminar" (ESPOS) teil. Details finden Sie hier: 
Ziel dieser Videokonferenzreihe ist es, Ideen mit einem spezialisierten Publikum breiter zu verbreiten und Studenten und anderen jungen Forschern, die nicht regelmäßig zu Konferenzen reisen, einen Einblick in die Spitzenforschung zu geben. Die ESPOS-Serie soll jeden zweiten Donnerstag um 11 Uhr stattfinden.  

Surges are ubiquitous cool ejections in the solar atmosphere that often appear associated with other interesting phenomena such as UV bursts or coronal jets. Recent observations from the Interface ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: The Magnetic Nature of the Umbra-Penumbra Boundary in Sunspots (J. Jurčák)

Sunspots are the longest known manifestation of solar activity and their magnetic nature has been known for more than a century. Despite this, the boundary between umbrae and penumbrae, the two ... [mehr]
Ellerman bombs and UV bursts are transient brightenings that are ubiquitously observed in the lower atmospheres of active and emerging flux regions. While some Ellerman bombs display clear UV burst ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: What can numerical simulations tell us about the mechanism of solar and stellar activity? (J. Warnecke)

The magnetic field in the Sun undergoes a cyclic modulation with a reversal typically every 11 years due to a dynamo operating under the surface. Also, other solar-like stars exhibit magnetic ... [mehr]
Propagating slow magneto-acoustic waves are regularly observed in the solar corona, particularly in sunspot related loop structures. These waves exhibit rapid damping as they propagate along the ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Recurrent CME-like Eruptions in Flux Emergence Simulations (P. Syntelis)

Ellerman bombs and UV bursts are transient brightenings that are ubiquitously observed in the lower atmospheres of active and emerging flux regions. While some Ellerman bombs display clear UV burst ... [mehr]
Long-period intensity pulsations have been recently detected in coronal loops with EUV images of both SoHO/EIT (Auchère et al., 2014) and SDO/AIA (Froment et al., 2015). These pulsations have been ... [mehr]
A giant solar filament was visible on the solar surface between 8-23 November 2011. The filament stretched over more than half a solar diameter. Multi-wavelength data from the SDO instrument AIA ... [mehr]
We report multi-wavelength ultraviolet observations taken with the IRIS satellite, concerning the emergence phase in the upper chromosphere and transition region of an emerging flux region (EFR) ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Searching for the Origin of Flares in M dwarfs (L. Doyle)

We present an overview of K2 short cadence observations for 32 M dwarfswhich have spectral types between M0-L1. All of the stars in our sampleshowed flares with the most energetic reaching 3x10^34 ... [mehr]
The strong enhancement of the ultraviolet emission during solar flares is usually taken as an indication of plasma heating in the low solar atmosphere caused by the deposition of the energy released ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Multi-height spectropolarimetric study of MHD waves in a big sunspot observed with IBIS (M. Stangalini)

We present preliminary results derived from the analysis of spectropolarimetric measurements of active region AR12546, which represents one of the largest sunspots to have emerged onto the solar ... [mehr]
While surface waves propagating at tangential discontinuities have been studied in great detail, few studies have been dedicated to the investigation of the nature of waves at contact discontinuities ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Asymmetric Solar Waveguides: Theory and Observations (M. Allcock )

Are solar MHD waveguides symmetric? It is convenient to assume that they are. The solar physics community is familiar with the traditional notion of sausage and kink waves, which propagate along ... [mehr]

ESP Online Seminar: Ellerman bombs and UV bursts: reconnection at different atmospheric layers? (A. Ortiz)

The emergence of magnetic flux through the photosphere and into the outer solar atmosphere produces, amongst many other phenomena, the appearance of Ellerman bombs (EBs) in the photosphere. EBs are ... [mehr]
Are some parts of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field’s (IMF) neutral line more flare energetic than others? What are Hale Sector Boundaries (HSBs) and are they connected with flares? Do they have ... [mehr]
The Wilson depression is the difference in geometric height of the layer of unit continuum optical depth between the sunspot umbra and the quiet Sun. Measuring the Wilson depression is important for ... [mehr]
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