Gastgeber: Sonja Schuh

S3 Seminar: Correlation of Magnetic Field wiht Chromospheric Features (K. Barczynski)

S3 Seminar: Fast Solar Polarimeter: First Results and Future Work (F. Iglesias)

S3 Seminar: The Activity of Comet 67P / CG (S. Höfner)

S3 Seminar: Formation of Comets by Gravitational Collapse of Pebble Clouds (S. Lorek)

S3 Seminar: Coronal Active Region Modelling based on SDO Data (S. Barra)

S3 Seminar: Heliseismologiy of Subsurface Flows (Z. Ferret)

S3 Seminar: Linear Simulations of Acoustic Waves in Spotted Stars (E. Papini)

S3 Seminar: Observing and Modelling the Dust Mantle Activity on Comet 67P / C.-G. (X. Hu)

S3 Seminar: Photometric Calibration of Historical SHGs (T. Chatzistergos)

S3 Seminar: Anomalous Reversed Evershed Flow in a Sunspot Penumbra (A. Siu)

S3 Seminar: Magnetic ux supplement to coronal bright points (C. Mou)

S3 Seminar: Comparison of Optical and Radio Observation of Coronal Mass Ejection (L. Lu)

S3 Seminar: Spherical Couette Dynamos (A. Barik)

S3 Seminar: Non Local Heat Flux in Solar Flares (S. de Souza)

S3 Seminar: In-Orbit Calibration of the SO/PHI Instrument (K. Albert)

S3 Seminar: Constraining Differential Rotation in Sun-Like Stars (M.B. Nielsen)

S3 Seminar: Sub-Grid Approach of Magnetic Reconnection (F. Widmer)

S3 Seminar: Forward and Inverse Problems in Asteroseismology (E. Bellinger)

S3 Seminar: Error Budget for Exoplanet Parameers from Asteroseismology (K. Rodenbeck)

S3 Seminar: Galactic Cosmic Rays Tracing in the Magnetosphere of Saturn (A. Kotova)

S3 Seminar: Studying the Small Scale Magnetic Features in the Quiet Sun (F. Kahil)

S3 Seminar: Small Scale Chromospheric Fibrils Observed by Sunrise II (R. Gafeira)

S3 Seminar: The Fast Solar Polarimeter Prototype (F. Iglesias)

S3 Seminar: Characterizing Plasmoid Reconnection by Turbulence Dynamics (F. Widmer)

S3 Seminar: Examination of Historical Ca II K Archives (T. Chatzistergos)

S3 Seminar: Peakbagging of red giants in eclipsing binary systems (N. Themeßl)

S3 Seminar: Anomalous Evershed flows: observations and simulations (A. Siu)

S3 Seminar: Modelling of the Protoplanetary Disc (C. Walsh)

S3 Seminar: Analysis of MIRO / Rosetta Data (D. Marshall)

S3 Seminar: Inverse Methods for Helioseismology (M. Pourabdian)

S3 Seminar: Stereoscopy of Helioseismic Holography: A Toy Model Study (D. Yang)

S3 Seminar: Flux-flux relations in the solar atmosphere (K. Barczynski)

S3 Seminar: Helioseismology of Supergranulation (Z. Ferret)

S3 Seminar: Rotational Lightcurves of Comets and Kuiper Belt Objects (R. Kokotanekova)

S3 Seminar: In-situ detectability ofEuropa's water vapour plumes (H. Huybrighs)

S3 Seminar: Mineralogy and Geology of the Dantu Crater on Dwarf Planet Ceres (J. Kallisch)

S3 Seminar: Instabilities of the spherical Couette flow (A. Barik)

S3 Seminar: Reconstructions of Solar Irradiance on the Millennial Timescale (C. J.Wu)

S3 Seminar: Slender Ca II H fibrils observed by Sunrise / SuFi (R. Gafeira)

S3 Seminar: Supergranular waves (A. Barekat)

S3 Seminar: Noise modeling for exoplanet transits (K. Rodenbeck)

S3 Seminar: Observations and simulations of the Sun´s polar regions (H. Waller)

S3 Seminar: Layerings in cometary nuclei (B.-K. Ruzicka)

S3 Seminar: Measuring Mercury´s tides (R. Thor)

S3 Seminar: Comet formation in collapsing pebble clouds (S. Lorek)

S3 Seminar: How old are red-giant stars in clusters? (N. Themeßl)

S3 Seminar: Temperature and velocity in the coma of 67P / CG from MIRO (D. Marshall)

S3 Seminar: Counter-Evershed flows in sunspots penumbrae (A. Siu)

S3 Seminar: Stellar activity in low mass stars (E. Johnson)

S3 Seminar: Multiple scattering of acoustic waves (P.-L. Poulier)

S3 Seminar: Helioseismic holography (D. Yang)

S3 Seminar: Image pre-processing pipeline for the space-borne spectropolarimeter PHI (K. Albert)

S3 Seminar: Deep focusing in time-distance helioseismology (M. Pourabdian)

S3 Seminar: Simulations of starspots (M. Panja)

S3 Seminar: Measuring the Moon's tides (R. Thor)

S3 Seminar: Straylight correction of Sunrise data (F. Kahil)

S3 Seminar: The Inner Coma of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (D. Marshall)

S3 Seminar: Reconstruction of the Solar Cycle in the Pre-telescope Time (C.-J. Wu)

S3 Seminar: Spatially resolved scattering polarization in the Sr I 4607 A line (F. Zeuner)

S3 Seminar: Global-scale solar equatorial Rossby waves (B. Proxauf)

S3 Seminar: The Sun as a Kepler star (E. Amazo-Gomez)

S3 Seminar: Solar brightness variations as observed by the Kepler telescope (N. Nemec)

S3 Seminar: Solar-like stars models at increasing rotation rate (M. Viviani)

S3 Seminar: Non-linearity calibration for CMOS Sensors (K. Sant)

S3 Seminar: Inverse Problems in Asteroseismology (E. Bellinger)

S3 Seminar: Detecting Exomoons (K. Rodenbeck)

S3 Seminar: Polar magnetic fields as observed by SUNRISE (A. Prabhu)

S3 Seminar: How cool are starspots? (M. Panja)

S3 Seminar: Solar surface flows of emerging active regions (N. Gottschling)

S3 Seminar: The blue planet - origin of water on Earth (M. Fischer)

S3 Seminar: Sweeping preconditioners for computing solar oscillations (J. Preuss)

S3 Seminar: Global Layerings in the Nucleus of Comet 67P (B. Ruzicka)

S3 Seminar: Chromatic Activity Indicators in the CARMENES Survey (E. Johnson)

S3 Seminar: Helioseismology of Supergranulation (R. Ferret)

S3 Seminar: How do penumbral filaments form? (Mayukh Panja)

S3 Seminar: Coronal loop heating (Cosima Breu)

S3 Seminar: Numerical Simulations of Solar Convection using a Local Box Model (Y. Bekki)

S3 Seminar: The effect of inclination on solar brightness variations (Nina Nemec)

S3 Seminar: The distribution of volatiles in the lunar interior (Matthias Nieuwenhuis)

S3 Seminar: Layerings in cometary nuclei (Birko-Katharina Ruzicka)

S3 Seminar: Long-time solar and stellar 3-D convection simulations (Daniel Krüger)

S3 Seminar: Exploring the depth dependence of solar equatorial Rossby waves (Bastian Proxauf)

S3 Seminar: Science Preparation for SO/PHI (Philipp Löschl)

S3 Seminar: AI-driven Mapping and Analysis of lunar Rockfalls (Valentin Bickel)

S3 Seminar: Cyclic dynamos near the dierential rotation transition (Mariangela Viviani)

S3 Seminar: Second Order Indexes - Comparing Spectra with Non-Ideal Continua (Erik Johnson)

S3 Seminar: Radiative MHD Simulations of Starspots (Mayukh Panja)

S3 Seminar: Flows around active regions (Paul-Louis Poulier)

S3 Seminar: Dust Particle Tracking in the Coma of Comet 67P (Marius Pfeiffer)

S3 Seminar: Dynamics of emerging active regions: Joy's Law (Christian Baumgartner)

S3 Seminar: Atmospheric stratication in an active region Plage (Sudharshan Saranathan)

S3 Seminar: Solar brightness variations in the stellar context (Nina Nemec)

S3 Seminar: Small-scale dynamo on the Sun and other stars (Tanayveer Bhatia)

S3 Seminar: Preconditioning experiments for computational helioseismology (Janosch Preuss)

S3 Seminar: Solar UV bursts: magnetic reconnection in the lower solar atmosphere (Yajie Chen)

S3 Seminar: Kinetic Simulation of Radio Emission by Electron Beams (Xin Yao)

S3 Seminar: Numerical study on solar Rossby waves (Yuto Bekki)

S3 Seminar: Straightened Coronal Loop Simulations (Cosima Breu)

S3 Seminar: Helicity proxies for solar active regions (Ameya Prabhu)

S3 Seminar: Non-Linearity Calibration of Massively Parallel CMOS Sensors (Kamal Sant)

S3 Seminar: AI-driven analysis of lunar rockfalls (Valentin Bickel)

S3 Seminar: Internal Rotation of Lithium-rich Giants (Daria Mokrytska)

S3 Seminar: Investigating the Origins of the Slow Solar Wind (Jamie Gorman)

S3 Seminar: Dust Particle Tracking at Comet 67P (Marius Pfeifer)

S3 Seminar: The formation of small planetesimals (Jesper Tjoa)

S3 Seminar: Numerical modelling of zonal winds in gas planets (Paula Wulff)

S3 Seminar: Numerical studies on Rossby waves in the Sun (Yuto Bekki)

S3 Seminar: Learned infinite elements (Janosch Preuß)

S3 Seminar: Modelling the evolution of solar ephemeral regions (Bernhard Hofer)

S3 Seminar: Magnetic helicity measurements and the solar dynamo (Ameya Prabhu)

S3 Seminar: Fast synoptic maps with PHI and HMI (Philipp Löschl)

S3 Seminar: Iterative Helioseismic Holography (Björn Müller)

S3 Seminar: SO/PHI HRT Polarimetric Calibration (Jonas Sinjan)

S3 Seminar: Simulating solar prominences (Lisa-Marie Zeßner)

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