Research Interests:

I am a planetary and atmospheric scientist interested in characterizing and understanding their origin and evolution from energetics, chemistry as well as dynamical point of view.  During my post-Doc studies I have also been involved with modeling of shape and surface evolution of icy objects, such as comets, Centaurs, and KBOs which broadened my perspective and interests. My main expertise is build around forward and inverse problems in non-LTE radiative transfer in molecular lines in application to atmospheres of planets, as well as moons and comets. I have been involved as Co-investigator in several planetary and Earth satellite mission such SABER/TIMED, Herschel (HssO), MIRO/Rosetta, SWI/JUICE, and contributed to several others.

Education and Employment:

2015-present: Researcher, MPS,  Göttingen, Germany
2011-2015: Post-Doctoral Researcher, MPS, Göttingen, Germany.
2011: Ph.D., (Planetary Sciences), Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, USA
2004: Bc. (Computer Information Systems), Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, USA.

Selected Publications:

(1) T. Cavalie, Rezac, L., R. Moreno, E. Lellouch, T. Fouchet, B. Benmahi, T. K. Greathouse, J. A. Sinclair, et al. “Evidence for auroral influence on Jupiter’s nitrogen and oxygen chemistry revealed by ALMA”. In: Nature Astronomy (July 2023). doi: 10.1038/s41550-023-02016-7.

(2) L. Rezac, A. Zorzi, P. Hartogh, O. Pinzón-Rodríguez, D. Marshall, N. Biver, D. Bockelée-Morvan, J. Crovisier, W. H. Ip, S. Gulkis and the MIRO team, Gas terminal velocity from MIRO/Rosetta data using neural network approach, A&A, 648 (2021) A21

(3) Y. Zhao, L. Rezac, Y. Skorov , S.C.Hu  , N. Samarasinha  , J-Y. Li, Sublimation as an effective mechanism for flattened lobes of (486958) Arrokoth, Nature Astronomy, Aug.; 10.1038/s41550-020-01218-7.  (2020)

(4) Marschall R., L. Rezac, et al., A comparison of multiple Rosetta data sets and 3D model calculations of 67P/CG coma around equinox (May 2015), Icarus, 328, (2019)

(5) Rezac L., Y. Zhao, P. Hartogh, et al., Three-dimensional analysis of spatial resolution of MIRO/Rosetta measurements at 67P/CG, A&A, Rosetta 2 special issue, (2019)

(6) Yamada T., L. Rezac, et al., Solving non-LTE problems in rotational transitions using the Gauss-Seidel method and its implementation in the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulator, A&A, 619, (2018)

(7) Rezac L., J. Yue, YX. Jian, et al., On Long-Term SABER CO2 Trends and Effects Due to Nonuniform Space and Time Sampling, JGR-space, 123, (2018)

(8) Skorov Y.~V., L. Rezac, P. Hartogh, A. T. Bazilevsky, and H. U. Keller,  A model of short-lived outbursts on the 67P from fractured terrains, A&A, 593, A76, (2016)

(9) Rezac L., A. Kutepov, J. M. Russell, A. G, et. al., Simultaneous retrieval of T(p) and CO2 VMR from two-channel non-LTE limb radiances and application to daytime SABER/TIMED measurements, JASTP, 130, 23-42 (2015)

(10) Rezac L., P. Hartogh, R. Güsten, et al., First detection of the 63um atomic oxygen line in the thermosphere of Mars with GREAT/SOFIA, A&A, 580, L10, (2015)

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