Research Interests:

Statistics of turbulent flows, especially solar and planetary interior convection; emergence of large-scale flows like differential rotation, planetary jets, meridional flows, large-scale features like solar supergranulation and Saturn´s polar hexagon; seismology of the Sun and planets; non-linear interactions; solar g-modes.
Methods: Analytical modelling, data analysis, perturbation theory, numerical fluid dynamic simulations, inverse methods, stochastic processes, time series analysis.
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Education and Employment:

Since 2020: Postdoctoral researcher at MPS in the Planetary Interiors Group in the Planetary Science Department
Since 2017: Postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
2014-2017: Ph.D. student at Kiepenheuer-Institute for Solar Physics (KIS) and at Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg. Thesis title: Inferences of the Deep Solar Meridional Flow. Supervisor: apl.Prof. Dr. Markus Roth
2005-2014: University studies in Mathematics, Physics, and Economics at the Universities of Bonn, Bologna, Paris, and Freiburg.
2014: MSc. in Physics (University of Freiburg)
2010: MSc. in Mathematics (probability theory, University Paris VI)
2008: Vordiplom in Economics (University of Bonn)
2007: Vordiplom in Mathematics (University of Bonn)

Selected Publications:

(1) Böning, V. G. A., Wulff, P., Dietrich, W., Wicht, J., Christensen, U. R. (2023). Direct driving of simulated planetary jets by upscale energy transfer. A&A, 670, A15. [doi, arXiv]

(2) Böning, V. G. A., Birch, A. C., Gizon, L., Duvall, T. L. Jr. (2021). Helioseismological determination of the subsurface spatial spectrum of solar convection: Demonstration using numerical simulations. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 649, A59. [doi, arXiv]

(3) Böning, V. G. A., Birch, A. C., Gizon, L., Duvall, T. L. Jr, Schou, J (2020). Characterizing the spatial pattern of solar supergranulation using the bispectrum. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 635, A181. [doi, arXiv]

(4) Böning, V. G. A., Hu, H., & Gizon, L. (2019). Signature of solar g modes in first-order p-mode frequency shifts. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 629, A26. [doi, arXiv]

(5) Böning, V. G. A., Roth, M., Jackiewicz, J., & Kholikov, S. (2017). Inversions for Deep Solar Meridional Flow using Spherical Born Kernels. The Astrophysical Journal, 845, 2. [doi, arXiv]

(6) Böning, V. G. A., Roth, M., Jackiewicz, J., & Kholikov, S. (2017). Validation of Spherical Born Approximation Sensitivity Functions for Measuring Deep Solar Meridional Flow. The Astrophysical Journal, 838, 53. [doi, arXiv]

(7) Böning, V. G. A., Roth, M., Zima, W., Birch, A. C., & Gizon, L. (2016). Sensitivity Kernels for Flows in Time-Distance Helioseismology: Extension to Spherical Geometry. The Astrophysical Journal, 824, 49. [doi, arXiv]

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