Internship at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

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Job Offer from July 10, 2020

The internship will be within the Sunrise project. Sunrise ( is a balloon-borne solar observatory dedicated to the investigation of the key processes governing the physics of the magnetic field and the convective plasma flows in the lower solar atmosphere. The Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS), in collaboration with its international partners, is currently preparing Sunrise for its third science flight (Sunrise-3).

The position will involve upgrading the operating system on a Raspberry Pi 3b. Such a Linux based single board computer is used to run control software onboard Sunrise-3. It is operating several serial lines, and processing the data to be sent and received to the main control system client via Ethernet.

The self-contained project will involve two major upgrades to the system.

1. Remote booting of the Raspberry Pi from a Linux based PC.

Currently the system is dependent on booting from a microSD card that has a minor risk of becoming corrupt. This would be a major issue for the operations of the serial systems however. It is our intention to remove the reliance on the SD card by booting via the ethernet link to the Linux based high end control system. The task will involve creating a program on a test Linux based laptop to handle the boot up procedure, and bench testing the operations of the Raspberry Pi running the pre-written operation scripts for the control system, while the SD card is removed.

2. Upgrading the Operating System on the Raspberry Pi to a Lite version.

This will involve the selection of a suitable OS, installation and the creation of a streamed process to update the control software. This will also involve some further bench testing to analyze any improvements/differences when compared with the original operating system.

 Applicants should have either of the following:

- Computer science or software engineering background
- Electronic engineering background with some software experience

The time frame for the internship is between July and December 2020. A renumeration as “wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft” up to a total of 120 hours is possible.

Applications, including a CV, should be sent as one pdf file to Dr. Alex Feller (

For further information please contact Dr. Alex Feller ( or Sam Goodyear (

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