Publications of Denis Shulyak

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Rengel, M.; Reiners, A.; Shulyak, D.; Yan, F.; Khaimova, J.; Cont, D.; Gapp, C.: Investigating Physical and Chemical Mechanisms of Planetary Atmospheres: A DFG Project Characterizing Planetary Atmospheres Inside and Outside Our Solar System. Tackling the Complexities of Substellar Objects: From Brown Dwarfs to (exo-)Planets, Leiden, The Netherlands (2020)
Rengel, M.; Shulyak, D.; Hartogh, P.; Sagawa, H.; Moreno, R.; Jarchow, C.: Tracing HCN on Titan´s atmosphere with Herschel and submillimetre ground-based telescopes. EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019, Geneva, Switzerland (2019)
Shulyak, D.; Rengel, M.; A. Reiners; U. Seeman; F. Yan: Remote sensing of exoplanetary atmospheres with ground-based high resolution near-infrared spectroscopy. Extreme Solar Systems Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland (2019)

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