Publikationen von P. B. Chilson

Konferenzbeitrag (12)

Chilson, P. B.; Ulbrich, C. W.: The dependence of vD-Z relations on variations in precipitation size distribution and fall speed law parameters. In: Proc. COST-75, Int. Seminar on Weather Radar Systems, Brussels, Belgium 1994, S. 419 - 427 (Hg. Collier, C. G.). EUR 16013 EN, European Commission, Directorate-General XII, Luxembourg (1995)
Chilson, P. B.; Ulbrich, C. W.; Larsen, M. F.; Fukao, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Nakamura, T.; Tsuda, T.: Temporal decorrelations of spatial interferometry measurements resulting from precipitation particle size distributions. In: Proc. Third Int. Symp. on Tropospheric Profiling: Needs and Technologies, S. 283 - 285. ANY PUBLISHER, Hamburg (1994)
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