My research focuses on developing realistic models of the solar atmosphere. These models aim to include all the necessary physics for modelling the chromosphere, including a non-local thermodynamic equilibrium treatment of the radiation field and atomic populations. With these new models we aim to better understand the structure and dynamics of the solar chromosphere.


Curriculum Vitae

Education and Employment:

Postdoc: Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Goettingen, Germany, 2017 - current
PhD: Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, "Oscillatory and radiative properties of solar magnetic flux concentrations" 2013-2017

Selected Publications:

Przybylski, D., Cameron, R., Solanki, S. K., Rempel, M., Leenaarts, J., Anusha, L. S., Witzke, V., & Shapiro, A. I. (2022). Chromospheric extension of the MURaM code. Astronomy & Astrophysics664, A91.

Chen, Y., Przybylski, D., Peter, H., Tian, H., Auchère, F., & Berghmans, D. (2021). Transient small-scale brightenings in the quiet solar corona: A model for campfires observed with Solar Orbiter. Astronomy & Astrophysics656, L7.

Rempel, M., & Przybylski, D. (2021). Efficient numerical treatment of ambipolar and Hall drift as hyperbolic system. The Astrophysical Journal923(1), 79.

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