SPW9 Proceedings

Instructions for authors

Dear participant of SPW9,

it was a pleasure to have you here in Göttingen, and I want to thank you again for your active participation and your contribution for making this workshop a success!

As announced during the workshop, the SOC decided that the proceedings of our workshop would be published as online-proceedings.

Here you find some instructions for authors, who want to use this opportunity. We will not enforce a proceedings contribution from everybody, but everybody is highly encouraged to contribute!  

We want to avoid that individual contributions have to wait for all others: Therefore each contribution will receive its own DOI (digital object identifier) from MPS immediately after the paper has been accepted by the editors.

Editors will be Achim Gandorfer, Andreas Lagg, and Kerstin Raab. Kerstin Raab is the head of the MPS library.


The procedure is as follows: 

Please download the LaTeX files (right column), which we ask you to use as is. Also an example file describing the latex template will be provided, which can be used as template for your contribution. 

You then compile your contribution and send ONLY A SINGLE PDF FILE to gandorfer@mps.mpg.de
If you have problems in using the Latex template do not hesitate to contact us by writing a mail to lagg@mps.mpg.de 

The editors will send this pdf to the relevant session chair for checking.

Once your contribution is considered acceptable, you will receive the unique DOI number together with further instructions on what to do with it.

All proceedings papers will be published as pdf files on a special page linked via the SPW9 homepage. In addition, we encourage all authors to copy the final pdf-file to arXiv.org, once it has been placed online by us.

In order to allow us to publish your paper, we need a written consent to publication from the corresponding author.

The copyright will stay with the author(s). In this way it is easy for you to put the exact copy of your pdf-article on arXiv.org!  Note that the DOI number will be given by us!

We ask all authors who wish their contribution be published as part of the SPW9 online proceedings to send in their pdf-file until DEC 31st, 2019. 

We plan to upload the proceedings within January 2020.  

I hope to receive many contributions! Please do not hesitate to ask me in case of further questions.

With my best regards, 

Achim Gandorfer 

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