S3 Seminars

S3 Seminars

PhD students of the International Max Planck Research School present their work in the IMPRS S3 seminars. Every Wednesday during term, two doctorate students present their methods, progress, and results in a short talk of about half an hour. Questions may be asked after the talk.

20862 1569848038

S3 Seminar: Kinetic Simulation of Radio Emission by Electron Beams (Xin Yao)

20865 1569919630

S3 Seminar: Numerical study on solar Rossby waves (Yuto Bekki)

20866 1570713239

S3 Seminar: Straightened Coronal Loop Simulations (Cosima Breu)

20868 1570713456

S3 Seminar: Helicity proxies for solar active regions (Ameya Prabhu)

20871 1569919917

S3 Seminar: Properties of Sunspot Penumbrae (Kamal Sant)

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