Research Projects

Research Projects

Ongoing projects

C04 Correlations of solar oscillations: modeling and inversionsDFGCRC 1456 Mathematics of Experiment
WHOLE SUN ( press release)ERCERC Synergy Grants 2018
PLATO Data CentreDLRESA Cosmic Vision (M3)
Solar Orbiter: Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager...ESA Cosmic Vision (M2)
Kepler Asteroseismic Science ConsortiumNASA...
HELAS Local Helioseismology Network ActivityEC FP6...



Former Projects

A1 Solar turbulent convection probed by helioseismologyDFGCRC 963 Astrophysical Flow Instabilities and Turbulence
A18 Asteroseismology and dynamos in solar-like starsDFGCRC 963 Astrophysical Flow Instabilities and Turbulence
SpaceInn local helioseismologyEU FP7SpaceInn
Seismic Imaging of the Solar InteriorERCERC Starting Grant
Gravitational waves and solar g-mode detection......
SDO Science CenterNASALiving With a Star Program (LWS)
German Data Center for SDODLR...

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