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IT Specialist in System Integration

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IT Specialist in System Integration

Scientific as well as nonscientific work at the institute would be unthinkable without IT specialists. The trainees learn to develop and realize complex IT and telecommunication systems techniques by integrating software components, installing networks, and of course fixing malfunctions. This is assisted by modern diagnosis systems. The apprentices also have contact to members of staff in all departments of the institutes and advise in IT-related problems.


Sometimes it needs some stamina when the search for a malfunction is particularly difficult. Diligence, flexibility, and a service-oriented approach are required to provide the best possible conditions for all colleagues to work and research to their best abilities.
A good intermediate-level secondary education (Realschulabschluss) is required, as are good grades in Maths and Computing. It is of advantage to think logically and have some knowledge of programing. A good command of English is necessary for reading the relevant specialized literature or user handbooks, as well as for communicating with our international members of staff.

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