Within the Institute building, there is a kindergarten, Kosmos Kids, which is run by Montessori Verein e.V. There are around 18 places for children from 12 month up to 6 years. 11 places are reserved for children whose parents work at the Institute. The kindergarten is open Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm. You can find out more information on the Kosmos Kids website. Since the first of November 2021 all applications should be done through the new, centralised online tool ( from the City of Goettingen.

On the right hand side you will also find links to the following pages:

  • Kosmos Kids
  • Göttingen City Council’s page (in German) on child care possibilities in the area. 
  • Childcare directory - city Göttingen (Kindertagespflegebörse Stadt Göttingen)
  • Childcare directory - district Göttingen (Kindertagespflegebörse Landkreis Göttingen)

Child care facilities in Germany include “Krippen” (for babies), “Kindergarten” (for pre-school children) and “Horte” (for school-age children). The age requirements differ from place to place and some facilities will take all age groups.

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