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Electronic Engineers for devices and systems

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Electronics Engineer for devices and systems

Many of the components of the scientific instruments produced at the institute are also manufactured and tested here. In addition to the basic skills, the apprentices are taught in our trainee workshop to equip a board with miniature surface mounted devices (SMDs). Future electronic engineers also learn to produce and check electronic devices and units with the appropriate software. In-house classes at the MPS complement the practical training, so that the young adults have accumulated a broad-ranging expertise at the end of their apprenticeship.


Electronic engineers are expected to be patient because often many small steps are necessary to produce a unit. They are expected to be able to work well on their own and in a team, and are especially required to have manual dexterity, some understanding of electronic processes, and should most of all be very diligent.
In addition to an intermediate level of secondary education (Realschulabschluss), good results in Maths, Physics, and Computing are required to be able to independently master the many various tasks, such as calculating resistances and capacities, programing machinery, and communicating with the many international members of staff. English language skills are helpful. 

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