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Sunrise III launches successfully

The balloon-borne solar observatory is now flying westwards along the Arctic Circle. From the stratosphere, it has an incomparable view of the Sun. more

Award-winning young researchers

In this year, three Otto Hahn Medals go to young researchers from Göttingen. more

Jupiter: Hurricanes to a depth of 2000 kilometers

New simulations allow a “computational peek” under the clouds of Jupiter. Apparently, violent hurricanes rage there. more

Sunrise III is ready for launch

Stratospheric winds and weather conditions on the ground will now decide when the balloon-borne solar observatory can take off on its research flight. more

Sunrise III: First Look at the Sun

First Light for Sunrise III: the first tests with real sunlight were successful. The balloon-borne solar observatory should be ready for launch at the end of May. more

Getting to the true sizes of exoplanets

From the brightness variations of its host star, an exoplanet’s size and other properties can be determined. In order to avoid mistakes, the star’s magnetic field is decisive. more

Venus: Carbon Ions during Flyby

Carbon ions are escaping into space from the atmosphere of Venus. New measurements by BepiColombo confirm a long-held suspicion. more

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