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Ancient tree slices and an improved C14 method provide a unique glimpse into our star's past. more

The Sunrise III mission will look at the Sun from the stratosphere equipped with three new scientific instruments. more

NASA Award for MPS Engineer

January 07, 2021

As a member of the InSight Instrument Site Selection Team, Dr. Marco Bierwirth selected the deployment site for the seismometer SEIS on the surface of Mars. more

The German Research Foundation funds ‘Mathematics of Experiment’ with approximately nine million euros. more

The longest-serving solar observatory in space has turned 25 and is still making significant contributions to solar research. Its old age has become an important merit. more

The sensor JEI has arrived at Airbus Defence and Space GmbH in Friedrichshafen. In 2022, it will travel to Jupiter on board ESA's JUICE space probe. more

Eliana Amazo Gómez receives her doctorate as the 200th graduate of the “Solar System School”. more

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