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Sunspots excite magneto-acoustic waves; a team of researchers has now discovered the largest-scale oscillations of this kind in an intense sunspot. more

PLATO clears decisive hurdle

January 19, 2022

The European Space Agency (ESA) has given the green light to build the flight models of the spacecraft and science payload for the PLATO mission to search for extrasolar planets. more

Researchers find high-energy oxygen and sulfur ions in Jupiter's inner radiation belts - and a previously unknown ion source. more

Using unique observational data and computer simulations, the MPS scientist is striving to understand the incredibly hot temperatures in the solar corona. more

Max Planck researchers explain how Jupiter's rings receive supplies of dust from its moons. more

International research team investigated the isotopic composition of rocky planets in the inner Solar System. more

Cosmochemist and meteorite researcher Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kleine leads the Planetary Science Department. more

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