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The National Academy of Sciences has admitted the geophysicist from Göttingen into its ranks. more

Despite a few clouds, the movie shows a beautiful view of the eclipse. more

From half the distance between Sun and Earth, the instruments Metis, EUI, and SoloHI captured data from two coronal mass ejections. more

Bright, hot and surprisingly frequent – these are just some of the properties of the small campfires that Solar Orbiter has made visible. more

A comet impact on Jupiter 27 years ago makes it possible for the first time to directly measure the winds in the gas giant's stratosphere. more

Dr. Erling Nielsen, former scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (formerly: Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy) passed away on March 6 this year after a long illness. For more than 31 years, Dr. Nielsen helped shape the research at the institute. more

Ancient tree slices and an improved C14 method provide a unique glimpse into our star's past. more

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