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The sensor JEI has arrived at Airbus Defence and Space GmbH in Friedrichshafen. In 2022, it will travel to Jupiter on board ESA's JUICE space probe. more

Eliana Amazo Gómez receives her doctorate as the 200th graduate of the “Solar System School”. more

A new 3d-animation shows the large impact crater on dwarf planet Ceres in impressive detail. more

BepiColombo flys by Venus

October 14, 2020

On Thursday the space probe BepiColombo will fly past Venus. Measurements in the planet's magnetosphere are planned. more

Flattening of a snowman

October 05, 2020

Only in the course of several million years did the trans-Neptunian object Arrokothn acquire its bizarre, pancake-flat shape more

Starspot regions occurring preferentially in large clusters could be the cause of the strong brightness fluctuations of solar-like stars. more

Solar cycle 25 has begun

September 15, 2020

Since December 2019, solar activity has been on the up. This is consistent with predictions, to which MPS researchers contributed. more

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