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On the same day as the spacecraft, JUICE’s instrument SWI has arrived in Toulouse where the final preparations for the journey to Jupiter will take place. Launch is one year from now. more

Venus: Flybys by the Double

August 02, 2021

Busy times for Venus: within one day of each other, the space missions Solar Orbiter and BepiColombo are scheduled to pass closely by the planet. more

Ten years of data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory combined with numerical models reveal the deep low musical notes of the Sun. more

On Earth, bacteria produce the rare trace gas. Newly evaluated measurement data provide no evidence that it is present in our inhospitable neighboring planet. more

The National Academy of Sciences has admitted the geophysicist from Göttingen into its ranks. more

Despite a few clouds, the movie shows a beautiful view of the eclipse. more

From half the distance between Sun and Earth, the instruments Metis, EUI, and SoloHI captured data from two coronal mass ejections. more

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