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Reconstructing the Sun’s Past from Historic Photographs

Using historical data, MPS researcher Dr. Theodosios Chatzistergos looks back into our star’s past. He has now received a prestigious award in recognition of his work. more

New Home for the Flight Spare Unit of PEP-JEI

The particle spectrometer PEP-JEI for the Jupiter mission JUICE has arrived safely in Kiruna (Sweden). more

Solar Orbiter: First images from the closest flyby

At the end of March, Solar Orbiter captured unique data from a distance of only 48 million kilometers from the Sun. The first of these are now published. more

Award for Janosch Preuss

The Göttingen mathematician has developed a numerical method that makes it easier than ever to calculate how waves propagate inside the Sun. more

First Rays of Sunlight for Sunrise III at the Arctic Circle

The ballon-borne solar observatory Sunrise III has reached an important milestone: First Light at the launch site in Sweden. The launch itself is scheduled for June. more

<em>Solar Orbiter</em> heads for closest point to the Sun

Never before has the space probe been this close to the Sun: In a few days, Solar Orbiter will venture to within 48 million kilometers of our star. more

Dwarf planet Ceres: organic chemistry and salt deposits in Urvara impact crater

Data from NASA's Dawn mission, analyzed for the first time, suggest that brine rose from the depths and organic compounds were deposited in Urvara crater. more

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