Seminars at MPS

Interested visitors are very welcome to join in all seminars held and talks given at the MPS. The presentations are mainly given in English. More detailed information can be found at the seminars' pages.

Invited guest scientists of other institutes report on the successes and results of their research in institute seminars and colloquia.

PhD students of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) present their work in S3 seminars.

In the Seminars about Planets and Comets, as well as in the Seminars about the Sun and sunlike Stars, the scientists of the respective departments report on the latest results and progress made in their projects and introduce new missions. All seminars are concluded with a short discussion or a questions-and-answers sessions.

20865 1569919630

S3 Seminar: Numerical study on solar Rossby waves (Yuto Bekki)

20866 1570713239

S3 Seminar: Straightened Coronal Loop Simulations (Cosima Breu)

20868 1570713456

S3 Seminar: Helicity proxies for solar active regions (Ameya Prabhu)

20196 1572435726
Öffentlicher Vortrag [more]
20871 1569919917

S3 Seminar: Properties of Sunspot Penumbrae (Kamal Sant)

20197 1572435812
Öffentlicher Vortrag [more]
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