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ESP Online Seminar: Asymmetric Solar Waveguides: Theory and Observations (M. Allcock )

Are solar MHD waveguides symmetric? It is convenient to assume that they are. The solar physics community is familiar with the traditional notion of sausage and kink waves, which propagate along waveguides in the solar atmosphere that we assume are symmetric. In this talk, we drop this assumption and motivate the study of MHD wave propagation in asymmetric waveguides from theoretical and observational viewpoints. We discuss the implications that asymmetric waveguides have for mode identification, highlighting the observational ambiguity between waves in symmetric and asymmetric waveguides, which becomes a crucial consideration when implementing magneto-seismology diagnostics. We present a novel technique for solar magneto-seismology that utilises the observed asymmetry of MHD waves to diagnose background parameters of the solar atmosphere that are difficult to measure using traditional methods. We present a preliminary application of this technique to chromospheric fibrils as a proof-of-concept and discuss the potential further application to prominences, elongated magnetic bright points, and sunspot light walls. [more]


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Sehnsuchtsplanet Mars: Veranstaltung zur Landung der Marsmission InSight; Kurzanleitung für eine Landung auf dem Mars (R. Lindner)


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S3 Seminar: High-cadence observations of the quiet Sun with MiHI


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S3 Seminar: Coronal loop heating


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S3 Seminar: Numerical Simulations of Solar Convection using a Local Box Model


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S3 Seminar: The effect of inclination on solar brightness variations


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S3 Seminar: Inversions of straylight-corrected slit spectra


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S3 Seminar: The distribution of volatiles in the lunar interior


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S3 Seminar: Layerings in cometary nuclei


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S3 Seminar: Long-time solar and stellar 3-D convection simulations


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S3 Seminar: Exploring the depth dependence of solar equatorial Rossby waves


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