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Seminars at MPS


Interested visitors are very welcome to join in all seminars held and talks given at the MPS. The presentations are mainly given in English. More detailed information can be found at the seminars' pages.

Invited guest scientists of other institutes report on the successes and results of their research in institute seminars and colloquia.

PhD students of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) present their work in S3 seminars.

In the Seminars about Planets and Comets, as well as in the Seminars about the Sun and sunlike Stars, the scientists of the respective departments report on the latest results and progress made in their projects and introduce new missions. All seminars are concluded with a short discussion or a questions-and-answers sessions.

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Solar and Stellar Group Seminar: Investigating the two extremes of solar activity using data from the Murchison Widefield Array (S. Mondal)


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Planetary Group Seminar: Trends in Solar System Exploration - sample return, cubesats and new partners (J. Biele)

In solar system exploration, the trend is away from dedicated large remote-sensing missions towards sample return. Nanospacecraft/cubesats like the asteroid landers MINERVA-II and MASCOT aboard JAXA’s Hayabusa2 mission have proven themselves in critical risk-taking scouting or landing missions for their larger mothership. Current sampling technologies are briefly reviewed, including SD2 on Rosetta/Philae: Mechanical interaction with a poorly known, "uncooperative" regolith surface is a key issue. - Besides ESA and NASA, cooperations with new partners (Japan, China, private enterprises) are increasingly important for the European solar system science community and we have to get prepared in an efficient way. [more]

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S3 Seminar: Flows around active regions (Paul-Louis Poulier)


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S3 Seminar: Dust Particle Tracking in the Coma of Comet 67P (Marius Pfeiffer)


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Planetary Group Seminar: Morphology of impacted dust particles at low velocity: clues on the tensile strength of cometary dust (S. Merouane)

Laboratory experiments were carried out to simulate cometary dust particles impact on solid targets at low velocity. The results of these experiments are compared to the morphology of the cometary dust particles collected and imaged by the COSIMA instrument on-board Rosetta to infer the mechanical properties of cometary material. [more]

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S3 Seminar: CMOS Camera Calibration (Kamal Sant)


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