The Programme ExoMars 2016-2020

The Programme ExoMars 2016-2020


The ExoMars 2020 spacecraft and the Mars Rover on the surface of Mars (artist conception)

Establishing if life ever existed on Mars is one of the outstanding scientific questions of our time. To address this important goal, the European Space Agency (ESA) has established the ExoMars programme to investigate the Martian environment and to demonstrate new technologies paving the way for a future Mars sample return mission in the 2020's.

Two missions are foreseen within the ExoMars programme: one consisting of the Trace Gas Orbiter plus an Entry, Descent and landing demonstrator Module (EDM), known as Schiaparelli, which has been launched on 14 March 2016 and could bring the orbiter into the Mars orbit. The EDM unfortunately got lost during landing. The other mission, featuring a rover, with a launch date of 2020. Both missions will be carried out in cooperation with Roscosmos.


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