Getting around in Göttingen

Göttingen is a small town with good public transport. The downtown area is quite compact being roughly circular with about 1 km diameter. It is surrounded by a sort of rampart from medieval times. The train station is just outside that rampart on the west side, so the fastest way to reach the hotel after arriving at the station might be to walk.

MPS is located at the North end of Göttingen some 3.5 km. So, in principle you could walk, but with a bicycle it would be much more convenient (link to Google Maps).

Public transport in Göttingen

There are three bus lines (21, 22, and 23) that serve MPS directly and that stop very close (the closest station is Kellnerweg, see Google Maps

  • Lines 21 and 23 go from the station directly to MPS / Kellnerweg (Google Maps)
  • Line 22 brings you from city center directly to to MPS / Kellnerweg (Google Maps)
  • The bus takes about 15 min from the station or city center to MPS / Kellnerweg. Depending on the day time the busses run every 15 – 30 minutes.
  • If you plan to use the bus for the whole week, the most economical way is to get a weekly ticket (it is valid for 7 days from the day you purchase it).
    The week ticket is 18,00€ and can be purchased here: Single fare tickets (2.40€) can be bought directly in the bus.

Renting a bike

  • In many ways a bike is the best means of transport in Göttingen.
    Göttingen is small enough that the bike brings you almost everywhere within 15 min, it is not too hilly, and usually the weather is OK at the end of June.
  • There are several places in Göttingen where you can rent a bike, the prices are about 30 € per week.
  • A selection of possible places to rent a bike:
  • The most convenient option might be the bike rental station at the station (MarcoBike, see Google Maps)
  • But there are many more options, and you might want to check the links on Google maps

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