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Bello Rubio, Luis: Flux sources and sinks of the magnetic network

Bello Rubio, Luis: Quite Sun atmospheric heating through flux cancellations

Blanco Rodriguez, Julian: Solar polar faculae

Breu, Cosima: Heating of coronal loops: magnetic footprint dynamics

Calchetti, Daniele: Stereoscopic reconstruction of 2D photospheric velocity flows

Calchetti, Daniele: Longitudinal and transversal oscillations with stereo observations

Calchetti, Daniele: Constraining mode conversion with stereo observations

Calchetti, Daniele: Validating photospheric tracking algorithms

Chatzistergos, Theodosios: Relationship between the Ca II K brightness and the magnetic field strength using SO/PHI in combination with Rome/PSPT

Chitta, Pradeep: Magnetic footprint of active region loops

Chitta, Pradeep: Evolution and stability of magnetic network

Chitta, Pradeep: Magnetoconvection in unipolar plages

Fischer, Catherine: Multi-angle view of fast horizontal flows in photospheric granulation

Fischer, Catherine: Photospheric response to flares

Gafeira, Ricardo: Magnetic field flux evolution and H-alpha filament formation

Gorman, Jamie: Small-scale internetwork magnetic structure and the diffuse QS corona

Kahil, Fatima: Dynamics of magnetic campfires seen in EUI/HRI

Kostogryz, Nadiia: Continuum intensity perturbation due to solar oscillations

Krivova, Natalie: Understanding solar UV variability using SO/PHI in combination wiht Aditya/SUIT

Krivova, Natalie: CLV of the facular contrast using SO/PHI in combination with SDO/HMI

Liang, Zhi-Chao: The center-to-limb variations in the helioseismic travel-time measurements from the PHI observations

Löschl, Philipp: Multi-View Synoptic Maps with HMI and PHI

Martinez Pillet, Valentin: Testing far side imaging based on GONG data

Milanovic, Nikolina: Coronal bright points, their structure and possible eruption

Milanovic, Nikolina: Flux ermergences directly related to coronal bright points

Moreno Vacas, Alejandro Miguel: Looking for Photospheric counterparts of SPICE/EUI/coronal blue-shifted events

Nagashima, Kaori: Ring-Diagram analysis of SO/PHI data

Nölke, Jonathan: EUV-dark CH-like structure adjacent to an active region

Nölke, Jonathan: Mini coronal holes or super-quiet Sun: studying the magnetic field beneath areas in the corona which appear dark in EUV images to determine their nature

Nölke, Jonathan: Polar coronal holes and boundary evolution

Romero Avila, Amanda: Sunspots and pores height measurements using stereoscopic observations

Roth, Markus: Deep probing helioseismology

Roth, Markus: Flows around active regions

Roth, Markus: Mode excitation

Schou, Jesper: The horizontal to vertical displacement ratio of solar oscillations

Schou, Jesper: Effects of granulation on the visibility of solar oscillations

Sinjan, Jonas: True CLV of magnetic Flux and the mystery of the missing open flux

Siu Tapia, Azaymi: Understanding the 3D velocity structure of sunspot penumbrae

Siu Tapia, Azaymi: Differences between limb-side and center-side penumbra

Strecker, Hanna: Studying active regions from flux emergence until flux dispersal

Strecker, Hanna: Moving magnetic features, their structure and connection to sunspots

Strecker, Hanna: Magnetic flux evolution of sunspots

Teriaca, Luca: Relation between explosive events and campfires

Valori, Gherardo: Long-term evolution of AR withFDT (a.k.a. synoptic+)

Valori, Gherardo: Stereoscopic disambiguation of vector magnetograms

Valori, Gherardo: Flux rope formation

Wiegelmann, Thomas: Global coronal magnetic field modelling

Wiegelmann, Thomas: Magneto-hydro-static modelling of the quite Sun

Yang, Dan: helioseismic far-side imaging: validation & calibration with SO/PHI

Yeo, Kok Leng: Solar irradiance variability from the position of the SO spacecraft


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