In addition to our own guesthouse, we can help you find accomodation at the guest houses of other institutions in Göttingen. Simply send us an email with your prospective date of arrival and departure and we will be happy to check availability. Please note that these apartments are meant only as a temporary solution for short and mid-term stays (usually from one week to six months). If you are planning on staying long-term, you are welcome to use this as a starting point to settle in and look for a regular apartment.

MPS guest rooms

Our guest rooms with en-suite shower and toilet offer convenient accomodation for short-term stays. The rooms are not equipped with any cooking appliances but hot water, microwaves and a personal fridge are available at the MPS cafeteria. For details please see our handout (pdf ).

Apartments at the guest house

Apartments at the MPS guest house are fully furnished and equipped with en-suite shower/toilet and a kitchenette as well as basic cooking utensils. For details please see our handout (pdf ).

Should our own accodomations be fully booked, we will assist you in finding accomodation at the guest houses of other Max Planck institutes, the university or the Studierendenwerk (student union).

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