Insurances are an important topic in Germany. The following paragraphs will give you a short overview of the most important ones.

- Health insurance: mandatory, covers you in case of sickness.
- International travel medical insurance: mandatory for international business trips, covers you in case of sickness abroad.
- Liability insurance: expressly recommended, covers you in case of accidental damage to other people's property.
- Accident insurance: covers the costs of long-term damages to your health, e. g. invalidity, caused by an accident.
- Household contents insurance: Covers damages to your property, also in case of theft.
- Legal expenses insurance: covers the costs of legal procedures in case of a law suit.

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Health insurance

Do I need health insurance?

Yes. In Germany you need comprehensive medical insurance - and you will have to present proof of this when you apply for a residence permit.

What do I need to do if my health insurance is insufficient?

Guests are advised to check in advance if they are sufficiently covered by an existing health insurance or if they might have to apply for additional coverage in Germany. The insurance company in your home country can tell you if your insurance covers stays in Germany - and to what extent. Please make sure that your insurance covers medical care, accidents and hospital stays.

Those working at MPS, regardless whether they have a work contract or receive a stipend, need to be registered with either a compulsory ("state") health insurance company or a private one. Please note:

  • Stipend holders have to take out private health insurance.
  • If you have a work contract and an annual gros income of less than 60,750 €, you have to join a compulsory health insurance.
  • If you have a work contract and an annual gros income exceeding 60,750 €, you may choose between private and compulsory insurance.

Although all heath insurances provide a similar level of basic care, their additional services can differ (e. g. regarding alternative medicine). Comparing these services can be worthwhile.
The websites of most insurance companies are available in English. They do not only provide information but also an online registration service so you can apply for your health insurance even before coming to Germany. This is not mandatory but it is one thing less to worry about once you are here.
Please make sure that you have comprehensive insurance cover from the moment of entering Germany. If your family is travelling with you, please make sure that they are covered as well.
If you have questions or you would like further information, please contact us or look at this link: Living and working in Germany

International travel medical insurance

In many countries the German compulsory medical insurance is not valid or only to a very limited extend. Should you require medical assistance in a country which is not part of a social security agreement (e. g. Switzerland or the USA) your German compulsory insurance will not pay for your treatment. If you do not have a separate travel insurance, you will have to pay those costs yourself.
International medical insurances usually cover medical treatments, medicine, wound dressing, dental care, hospital stays etc.

Do I need international medical insurance?

Yes, it is required for international business trips.

Private liability insurance

Together with health insurance, liability insurance is the most important one. Private liability insurance covers damages you accidentally do to other people or their property. Germany law holds you responsible for damage you do to others. This includes damages done by your kids or pets. In extreme cases, your income could be impounded until the damage has been paid in full. Therefore, private liability insurance is an important one to have if you live in Germany.

Accident insurance

An accident insurance covers the costs of acute (medical emergency) and long-term consequences resulting from an accident. Long-term consequences might include light or severe invalidity as well as death. Accident insurance covers the costs for the insured person(s), regardless of who caused the accident. The insurance insuring the responsible party against damages they have done to others is called liability insurance.

Usually, accident insurances do not only pay for medical care (first aid, medical treatments, rehabilitation) but also for other costs relating to the accident such as transport by ambulance and long-term consequences such as compensation for personal suffering, temporary allowances, costs for home care etc. In extreme case they might also pay funeral allowances to the surviving family members. As usual, the scope of services depends on the provider and the type of your contract.

Household contents insurance

A household contents insurance covers damages to the inventory of a private household caused by fire, leaking pipes, storm, hail, theft, robbery and vandalism. The coverage can be extended to include, for example, theft of expensive bicycles. The insurance will usually bear the costs to replace the damaged / stolen object by a new object of the same quality.

Legal expenses insurance

The legal expenses insurance covers the costs in case of law suit, this includes costs for lawyers and court proceedings as well as witness and expert fees. Depending on the type of policy, the insurance covers different aspects of law such as civil, employment and traffic law.

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