Global magneto-convection models of stars with varying rotation rate

The solar magnetic field is mostly axisymmetric at large-scale with latitudinal dynamo wave propagating from mid-latitudes towards the equator, as can be seen from observations of the solar cycle. Reproducing this pattern is one of the main demands that a numerical model has to satisfy.

One of the most common theories to explain the solar cycle is the � dynamo mechanism. As the rotation rate increases, differential rotation decreases while �􀀀effect increases. As a consequence, the dynamo moves from the � 􀀀regime to the �2􀀀regime, where the inductive effects from turbulence are the dominant source of the magnetic field. This leads to the emergence of non-axisymmetric solutions. The aim of this project is to study how and why the dynamo solution types and their oscillations change as function of rotation rate togheter with some other important governing system parameters.

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