PhD thesis projects assigned to students

This list is incomplete and is currently being updated

Assigned PhD Projects

Solar irradiance variability as seen by Mars general circulation models and comparison to HOPE data more

Numerical simulations to explore how minor bodies like asteroids, comets and KBOs formed more

Statistically analyse the large set of grain coma data in Rosetta/OSIRIS images of comet 67P/C-G more

Develop an image analysis algorithm for Rosetta/OSIRIS images of comet 67P/C-G's coma more

Cometary science: origin of water on the blue Planet Earth more

Establishing a new method to detect extra-solar planets more

The BELA instrument on the next ESA/JAXA mission to Mercury will measure tidal elevation changes using laser altimeter data. more

The solar magnetic field is mostly axisymmetric at large-scale with latitudinal dynamo wave propagating from mid-latitudes towards the equator, as can be seen from observations of the solar cycle. Reproducing this pattern is one of the main demands that a numerical model has to satisfy. more

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