Quick Look and Inventory Plots

November 22, 2023

Author: Jonas Sinjan


Quick-Look Website

A quick-look to the SO/PHI data sets that are publicly available via SOAR can be found here

From the quick-look page, data sets can be directly downloaded (via SOAR) by clicking on the correspondent DOI field (though the link may not work in Chrome), and short information about the data set quality are accessible by hovering over the esclamation mark (!) column.


Overview Plots

The figures below highlight when data has been observed by SO/PHI-HRT and SO/PHI-FDT.

Critical features of the available data, such as the associated SOOP campaign, solar distance, longitude and latititude are displayed.

Not all observed data are released. Mostly, the reason is a (temporary) lack of proper calibration files for the RTE-inversion or, more seldom, an instrumental issue that has affected one particular observation. While the data set may not be in the SOAR archive, they can often be used for limited, specific scientifc purposes, under competent supervision.

If observation dates that are present in the observation timelines above plots but not in the SOAR archive or the quick-look linked above are of interest for you, you are very welcome to contact us at sophi_support@mps.mpg.de   

SO/PHI-HRT Overview Plots

As SO/PHI-HRT observes primarily during the remote sensing windows (RSWs) we show here one plot per LTP that covers these RSWs. For more information on acronyms and LTPs/RSWs see the Solar Orbiter confluence pages (see Useful links on the right panel).

March - April 2022

October - December 2022

March - June 2023

SO/PHI-FDT Overview Plots

As SO/PHI-FDT is concentrated more towards observations outside of the remote sensing windows (RSWs) we show instead one plot per year. For more information see the confluence pages (see Useful links on the right panel).



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