SO/PHI Observations Dates

Quick look of HRT and FDT observations

August 04, 2023

A quick-look to the PHI/FDT and HRT data sets that are publicly available via SOAR can be found here

From the quick-look page, data sets can be directly downloaded (via the SOAR) by clicking on the correspondent DOI field (though the link may not work in Chrome), and short information about the data set quality are accessible via the esclamation mark (!).



Coming soon: plots of the observation timelines of HRT and FDT.

Not all observed data are released. Mostly, the reason is a (temporary) lack of proper calibration files for the RTE-inversion or, more seldom, an instrumental issue that has affected one particular observation. While the data set may not be in the SOAR archive, they can be often used for limited, specific science purposes, under competent supervision.

If observation dates that are present in the observation timelines above plots but not in the SOAR archive or the quick-look linked above are of interest for you, you are very welcomed to contact us at   

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