Solar surface showing granulation features and protuberances.

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Journal Article
Shi, X.; Hu, X.; Mottola, S.; Sierks, H.; Keller, H. U.; Rose, M.; Güttler, C.; Fulle, M.; Fornasier, S.; Agarwal, J. et al.; Pajola, M.; Tubiana, C.; Bodewits, D.; Barbieri, C.; Lamy, P. L.; Rodrigo, R.; Koschny, D.; Barucci, M. A.; Bertaux, J.-L.; Bertini, I.; Boudreault, S.; Cremonese, G.; Deppo, V. D.; Davidsson, B.; Debei, S.; Cecco, M. D.; Deller, J.; Groussin, O.; Gutiérrez, P. J.; Hviid, S. F.; Ip, W.-H.; Jorda, L.; Knollenberg, J.; Kovacs, G.; Kramm, J. R.; Kührt, E.; Küppers, M.; Lara, L. M.; Lazzarin, M.; Lopez-Moreno, J. J.; Marzari, F.; Naletto, G.; Oklay, N.; Toth, I.; Vincent, J.-B.: Coma morphology of comet 67P controlled by insolation over irregular nucleus. Nature astronomy 2, pp. 562 - 567 (2018)
Journal Article
Hu, X.: Normal Gravity Fields and Equipotential Ellipsoids of Small Objects in the Solar System: A Closed-Form Solution in Ellipsoidal Harmonics Up to the Second Degree. Astrophysical Journal 850 (1), 107 (2017)
Journal Article
Hu, X.: The exact transformation from spherical harmonic to ellipsoidal harmonic coefficients for gravitational field modeling. Celest. Mech. Dyn. Astron. 125 (2), pp. 195 - 222 (2016)
Journal Article
Qiao, R. C.; Zhang, H. Y.; Dourneau, G.; Yu, Y.; Yan, D.; Shen, K. X.; Cheng, X.; Xi, X. J.; Hu, X. Y.; Wang, S. H.: New astrometric observations of Triton in 2007-2009. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 440 (4), pp. 3749 - 3756 (2014)

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