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Publications of Jochen Harnisch

Journal Article (13)

Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Frische, M.; Borchers, R.; Eisenhauer, A.; Jordan, A.: Natural fluorinated organics in fluorite and rocks. Geophysical Research Letters 27 (13), pp. 1883 - 1886 (2000)
Journal Article
Jordan, A.; Harnisch, J.; Borchers, R.; Guern, F. L.; Shinohara, H.: Volcanogenic halocarbons. Environ. Science and Technology 34(6), pp. 1122 - 1124 (2000)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.; Maiss, M.: CF4 and the age of mesospheric and polar vortex air. Geophysical Research Letters 26, pp. 295 - 298 (1999)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Prinn, R. G.: Emissions of sulfur hexafluoride. Environ. Science and Technology, p. 56A (1999)
Journal Article
Reilly, J.; Prinn, R.; Harnisch, J.; Fitzmaurice, J.; Jacoby, H.; Kicklighter, D.; Stone, P.; Sokolov, A.; Wang, C.: Multi-gas assessment of the Kyoto protocol. Nature 401, pp. 549 - 555 (1999)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Bischof, W.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.; Maiss, M.: A stratospheric excess of CO2 - due to tropical deep convection? Geophysical Research Letters 25, pp. 63 - 66 (1998)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Eisenhauer, A.: Natural CF4 and SF6 on Earth. Geophysical Research Letters 25, pp. 2401 - 2404 (1998)
Journal Article
Brönneke, T.; Harnisch, J.: Vollzugsdefizit bei der Überwachung von Emissionen aus der Aluminiumindustrie. Z. f. Umweltrecht 7, pp. 72 - 73 (1996)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.; Gäggeler, H. W.; Schotterer, U.: Effect of natural tetrafluoromethane. Nature 384, p. 32 (1996)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.; Mais, M.: Tropospheric trends for CF4 and C2F6 since 1982 derived from SF6 dated stratospheric air. Geophysical Research Letters 23, pp. 1099 - 1102 (1996)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.: COS, CS2 and SO2 in aluminium smelter exhaust. Env. Science. Pol. Res. 4 (2), pp. 229 - 232 (1995)
Journal Article
Harnisch, J.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.; Kourtidis, K.: Aluminium production as a source of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide (COS). Env. Science. Poll. Res. 2, pp. 161 - 162 (1995)
Journal Article
Kourtidis, K. A.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.; Harnisch, J.: Carbonyl sulfide (COS) measurements in the Arctic polar vortex. Geophysical Research Letters 22, pp. 393 - 396 (1995)

Book (1)

Reilly, J.; Prinn, R. G.; Harnisch, J.; Fitzmaurice, J.; Jacoby, H. D.; Kicklighter, D.; Stone, P. H.; Sokolov, A. P.; Wang, C.: MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA (1999), 14 pp.

Book Chapter (3)

Book Chapter
Harnisch, J.: Reactive fluorine compounds. In: Reactive Halogen Compounds in the Atmosphere, pp. 81 - 111 (Eds. Fabian, P.; Singh, O. N.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg (1999)
Book Chapter
Borchers, R.; Harnisch, J.: Individual contribution of participant no. In: ``The partitioning of ClOy in the stratosphere'', Final report to the European Commission on CEC Contract EV5V-CT93-0346, pp. 93 - 115 (Ed. Camy-Peyret, C.). European Commission, Paris (1996)
Book Chapter
Harnisch, J.: Wer wird denn noch in die Luft gehen-zum unterschätzten Einfluß des Luftverkehrs auf das Klima. In: (1995)

Conference Paper (8)

Conference Paper
Harnisch, J.; Wing, I. S.; Jacoby, H. D.; Prinn, R. G.: Primary aluminum production: Climate policy, emissions and costs. In: Extraction and Processing Division Congress 1999, The Minerals Metals and Materials Socity (TMS), pp. 797 - 815. (1999)
Conference Paper
Harnisch, J.; Borchers, R.; Fabian, P.: The anthropogenic contribution to the budget of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide (COS). In: Atmospheric Ozone, Proceedings of the XVIII Quadrennial Ozone Symposium, L'Aquila, Italy, 12-21 September 1996, pp. 515 - 518 (Eds. Bojkov, R. D.; Visconti, G.). Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico d'Abruzzo, Edigrafital S.p.A. - S. Atto (TE), Italy (1998)
Conference Paper
Harnisch, J.: Reconstructed atmospheric chronology of tetrafluoromethane. In: Proc. Workshop ``Glaciers from the Alps: Climate and Environmental Archives'', Wengen/Switzerland 1996, pp. 65 - 68 (Ed. Lorenzen, R.). Paul Scherrer Institut, Villingen (1997)

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