Retreat 2023

October 01, 2023

01-06 October 2023

Sunday 01 October
10:00h Coach leaves from MPS in Göttingen
19:00h Dinner
20:00h Session: Working group set-up
Monday 02 October
08:00h Breakfast
09:00h Session: Introduction and Student Meeting
10:30h Break
11:00h Session: Working group time
13:00h Lunch
14:00h Session: Discussion of the PhD Survey for the SAB
14:50h Session: Working group time
15:40h Break
16:10h Session: Working group time
18:00h Dinner
19:00h Session: Student representatives talk
Tuesday 03 October
08:00h Breakfast
08:45h Coach to Granitz (drop off hikers)
10:15h Coach to Baabe (drop off train tour group)
10:45h Excursion (Hike or train tour)
13:40h Coach to Prora
14:10h Lunch and Tree Top walking
16:00h Coach to Greifswald
18:00h Dinner
19:00h Session: Science talk  "Turbulence in magnetically confined plasmas" (Peter Manz, Uni Greifswald)
Wednesday 04 October
08:00h Breakfast
09:00h Session (parallel): Onboarding for new students
09:00h Session (parallel): How to finish your thesis for advanced students
10:30h Break
11:00h Session: Working group time
12:00h Lunch
13:00h Coach to Peenemünde
14:00h Excursion: Rocket museum Peenemünde
16:00h Coach to Greifswald
18:30h Dinner
19:30h Session: Alumni talk by Majid Pourabdian
Thursday 05 October - Wendelstein 7-X visit
08:00h Breakfast
09:00h Session: Alumni talk by Yana Maneva
10:00h Session: Working group time
11:20h Coach to MPI-IPP Greifswald, lunch break on the way
13:00h Excursion: MPI-IPP Greifswald, Introductory Lecture
14:30h Excursion: MPI-IPP Greifswald, Guided Tour of Wendelstein 7-X
16:00h Excursion: MPI-IPP Greifswald, Exchange with local doctoral researchers
17:10h Coach to Greifswald
18:00h Dinner
19:00h Session: Alumni talk by Rakesh Yadav
20:00h Session: Documentation group report
20:30h Socialising event
Friday 06 October
08:00h Breakfast
09:00h Moving out of the rooms
10:00h Departure to MPS by Coach
19:00h              Arrival at MPS in Göttingen

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