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Journal Article (15)

Journal Article
Keller, H. U.; Grieger, B.; Küppers, M.; Schröder, S. E.; Skorov, Y. V.; Tomasko, M. G.: The properties of Titan's surface at the Huygens landing site from DISR observations. Planetary and Space Science 56, pp. 728 - 752 (2008)
Journal Article
Stenzel, O. J.; Grieger, B.; Keller, H. U.; Greve, R.; Fraedrich, K.; Kirk, E.; Lunkeit, F.: Coupling Planet Simulator Mars, a general circulation model of the Martian atmosphere, to the ice sheet model SICOPOLIS. Planetary and Space Science 55, pp. 2087 - 2096 (2007)
Journal Article
Formisano, V.; Angrilli, F.; Arnold, G.; Atreya, S.; Baines, K. H.; Bellucci, G.; Bezard, B.; Billebaud, F.; Biondi, D.; Blecka, M. I. et al.; Colangeli, L.; Comolli, L.; Crisp, D.; D'Amore, M.; Encrenaz, T.; Ekonomov, A.; Esposito, F.; Fiorenza, C.; Fonti, S.; Giuranna, M.; Grassi, D.; Grieger, B.; Grigoriev, A.; Helbert, J.; Hirsch, H.; Ignatiev, N.; Jurewicz, A.; Khatuntsev, I.; Lebonnois, S.; Lellouch, E.; Mattana, A.; Maturilli, A.; Mencarelli, E.; Michalska, M.; Moreno, J. L.; Moshkin, B.; Nespoli, F.; Nikolsky, Y.; Nuccilli, F.; Orleanski, P.; Palomba, E.; Piccioni, G.; Rataj, M.; Rinaldi, G.; Rossi, M.; Saggin, B.; Stam, D.; Titov, D.; Visconti, G.; Zasova, L.: The planetary fourier spectrometer (PFS) onboard the European Venus Express mission. Planetary and Space Science 54 (13-14), pp. 1298 - 1314 (2006)
Journal Article
Grieger, B.: Shading under Titan's sky. Planetary and Space Science 53 (5), pp. 577 - 585 (2005)
Journal Article
Segschneider, J.; Grieger, B.; Keller, H. U.; Lunkeit, F.; Kirk, E.; Fraedrich, K.; Rodin, A.; Greve, R.: Response of the intermediate complexity Mars} {Climate} {Simulator to different obliquity angles. Planetary and Space Science 53 (6), pp. 659 - 670 (2005)
Journal Article
Tomasko, M. G.; Archinal, A.; Becker, T.; Bezard, B.; Bushroe, M.; Combes, M.; Cook, D.; Coustenis, A.; de Bergh, C.; Dafoe, L. E. et al.; Doose, L.; Doute, S.; Eibl, A.; Engel, S.; Gliem, F.; Grieger, B.; Holso, K.; Howington-Kraus, E.; Karkoschka, E.; Keller, H. U.; Kirk, R.; Kramm, R.; Küppers, M.; Lanagan, P.; Lellouch, E.; Lemmon, M.; Lunine, J.; McFarlane, E.; Moores, J.; Prout, G. M.; Rizk, B.; Rosiek, M.; Rueffer, P.; Schröder, S. E.; Schmitt, B.; See, C.; Smith, P.; Soderblom, L.; Thomas, N.; West, R.: Rain, winds and haze during Huygens probe's descent to Titan's surface. Nature 438, pp. 765 - 778 (2005)
Journal Article
Greve, R.; Mahajan, R. A.; Segschneider, J.; Grieger, B.: Evolution of the north-polar cap of Mars: A modelling study. Planetary and Space Science 52 (9), pp. 775 - 787 (2004)
Journal Article
Grieger, B.; Segschneider, J.; Keller, H. U.; Rodin, A. V.; Lunkeit, F.; Kirk, E.; Fraedrich, K.: Simulating Titan's tropospheric circulation with the Portable University Model of the Atmosphere. Advances in Space Research 34 (8), pp. 1650 - 1654 (2004)
Journal Article
Rosell-Melé, A.; Bard, E.; Emeis, K.-C.; Grieger, B.; Hewitt, C.; Müller, P. J.; Schneider, R. R.: Sea surface temperature anomalies in the oceans at the LGM estimated from the alkenone-UK'37} index: comparison with {GCMs. Geophysical Research Letters 31 (3), L03208 (2004)
Journal Article
Grieger, B.: Book Review on ``Expedition Mars'', by Martin L. J. Turner. Earth, Moon and Planets 93, p. 234 (2003)
Journal Article
Grieger, B.; Lemmon, M. T.; Markiewicz, W. J.; Keller, H. U.: Inverse radiation modeling of Titan's atmoshere to assimilate Solar Aureole Imager data of the Huygens probe. Planetary and Space Science 51, pp. 147 - 158 (2003)
Journal Article
Grieger, B.; Niebler, H.-S.: Glacial South-Atlantic surface temperatures interpolated with a semi-inverse ocean model. Paleoceanography 18 (3), 1056 (2003)
Journal Article
Grieger, B.; Rodin, A. V.; Salinas, S. V.; Keller, H. U.: Simultaneous retrieval of optical depths and scattering phase functions in Titan's atmosphere from Huygens/DISR data. Planetary and Space Science 51, pp. 991 - 1001 (2003)
Journal Article
Salinas, S. V.; Grieger, B.; Markiewicz, W. J.; Keller, H. U.: A spherical model for computing polarized radiation in Titan's atmosphere. Planetary and Space Science 51, pp. 977 - 989 (2003)
Journal Article
Grieger, B.: Assimilation of data from the Solar Aureole imager and the Visible Spectrometer onboard the Huygens probe into a radiative transfer model of Titan's atmosphere. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society 33, p. 1140 (2001)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Schlotte, R.; Grieger, B.: Inverse Modelling of the Glacial Atlantic Circulation under Geostrophic Side Conditions. In: The South Atlantic in the Late Quaternary: Reconstruction of Material Budgets and Current Systems, pp. 585 - 599 (Eds. Wefer, G.; Mulitza, S.; Ratmeyer, V.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Tokyo (2003)
Book Chapter
Grieger, B.: Interpolating paleovegetation data with an artificial neural network approach. In: From Process Studies to Reconstruction of the Palaeoenvironment: Advances in Palaeoceanography and Climatology, pp. 199 - 208 (Ed. Ganssen, G.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (2002)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Thomas, N.; Baumjohann, W.; Dehant, V.; Chassefiere, E.; Leblanc, F.; Drossart, P.; Lellouch, E.; Kallio, E.; Boehnhardt, H.; Grieger, B. et al.; Hartogh, P.; Krueger, H.; Krupp, N.; Markiewicz, W.; Woch, J.; Glassmeier, K.-H.; Oberst, J.; Spohn, T.; Barbieri, C.; Cremonese, G.; Tozzi, G.-P.; Coradini, A.; Orsini, S.; Stam, D.; Roos-Serote, M.; Rodrigo, R.; Lopez-Moreno, J.; Lara, L.; Sáchez-Lavega, A.; Rojas, J.; Hueso, R.; García-Melendo, E.; Perez-Hoyos, S.; Baeza, S.; Arregui, J.; Legarreta, J.; Barabash, S.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Andre, M.; Blomberg, L.; Altwegg, K.; Gunderson, K.; Horner, J.; Seiferlin, K.; Wurz, P.; Dougherty, M.; Grande, M.; Taylor, F. W.; Read, P.; Irwin, P.; Wright, I. P.; Rucker, H.; Louarn, P.: A multi-disciplinary investigation of the Jovian system. In: Proceedings of the 39th ESLAB Symposium, Trends in Space Science and Cosmic Vision 2020, pp. 225 - 231 (Eds. Favata, F.; Sanz-Forcada, J.; Gimenez, A.). ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (2005)
Conference Paper
Grieger, B.; Ignatiev, N. I.; Hoekzema, N. M.; Keller, H. U.: Indication of a near surface cloud layer on Venus} from reanalysis of Venera 13/14 spectrophotometer data. In: Proc. Int. Workshop `Planetary Probe Atmospheric Entry and Descent Trajectory Analysis and Science', pp. 63 - 70. ESA Publ. Div., Noordwijk (2004)

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