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Regoli, L.; Feyerabend, M.; Kotova, A.; Roussos, E.; Jones, G.; Krupp, N.; Coates, A.: Mapping the flow of energetic particles in Titan's exobase. 10 years of Cassini-Huygens in the Saturnian system, London, UK (2014)

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Working Paper
Kollmann, P.; Paranicas, C.; Lagg, A.; Roussos, E.; Lee-Payne, Z. H.; Kusterer, M.; Smith, D.; Krupp, N.; Vandegriff, J.: Galileo/EPD user guide. (2020)
Working Paper
Roussos, E.; Allanson, O.; André, N.; Bertucci, B.; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Clark, G.; Dialynas, K.; Dandouras, I.; Desai, R.; Futaana, Y. et al.; Gkioulidou, M.; Jones, G.; Kollmann, P.; Kotova, A.; Kronberg, E.A.; Krupp, N.; Murakami, G.; Nénon, Q.; Nordheim, T.; Palmaerts, B.; Plainaki, C.; Rae, J.; Santos-Costa, D.; Sarris, T.; Shprits, Y.; Sulaiman, A.; Woodfield, E.; Wu, X.; Yao, Z.: The in-situ exploration of Jupiter's radiation belts: A White Paper submitted in response to ESA’s Voyage 2050 Call. (2020)

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