A stereo view of the Sun’s magnetic field

Astronomical teamwork: By combining data from Solar Orbiter and SDO, a group of researchers has unambiguously determined the magnetic field at the solar surface. more

International Awards for Yuto Bekki

With the help of computer simulations, the MPS researcher described the properties of the long-period oscillations of the Sun. more

Tiny plasma jets power the solar wind

Images from ESA’s Solar Orbiter offer the best look yet at a source region of the solar wind - and challenge our view of the continuous particle stream from the Sun.   more

A taste of solar wind and a glimpse of Earth

The MPS instruments on board ESA’s JUICE spacecraft have successfully completed their commissioning in space - and delivered their first observational data. more

Award for Excellent Publication

The publishing group Springer Nature has selected an MPS publication as the best in the journal Solar Physics in the past year. more

International Award for Dr. Yajie Chen

In his PhD thesis, the MPS scientist modeled which magnetic field structures in the solar corona trigger miniature solar flares, so-called campfires. more

Seven European countries join forces to promote the construction of the European Solar Telescope

The MPS participates in the creation of the European Solar Telescope Canarian Foundation. more

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