Metal-poor stars are more life-friendly

A star’s chemical composition strongly influences the ultraviolet radiation it emits into space and thus the conditions for the emergence of life in its neighbourhood. more

JUICE embarks on its journey to Jupiter

The launch was successful; the ESA’s space probe JUICE is now on its way to the Jupiter system. There, it will primarily study the gas giant's icy moons. more

ERC Advanced Grant for Sami Solanki

The project WINSUN combines a new generation of observational data with computer simulations to provide a comprehensive view of the Sun's magnetic field. more

Composite image of the Max Planck researchers who were awarded an ERC Advanced Grant 2023. From left to right: Brenda A. Schulman, MPI of Biochemistry, Sven Sturm, MPI of Nuclear Physics, Alexander Meissner, MPI of Molecular Genetics and Sami K. Solanki, MPI of Solar System Research.

Fourfold success

March 31, 2023

Four scientists can look forward to additional funding in this year's ERC Advanced Grants more

Emeritus Symposium in Honor of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Christensen

Scientists from around the world came together in Göttingen to celebrated Christensen's contributions to the study of planetary interiors. more

JUICE: Next Steps until Launch

ESA's space probe is on the move: First it heads for the launch site in Kourou - and in April it will begin its long journey to Jupiter and its icy moons. more

Catching the Sun’s Dynamic Coronal Web

In the Sun's middle corona, a team of researchers discovers web-like dynamic plasma structures – and an important clue as to what mechanism drives the solar wind. more

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