IMPRS advisor Schüssler wins Hale Prize 2017

Manfred Schüssler is awarded with the George Ellery Hale Prize 2017 by the SPD

IMPRS advisor Prof. Manfred Schüssler will be awarded with the George Ellery Hale Prize 2017 by the Solar Physics Division (SPD) of the American Astronomical Society at the 229th annual SPD meeting in Portland (OR, U.S.A.) in August 2017.

Manfred Schüssler will receive the Hale prize among other things in recognition "of his contributions [...] to the education and training of young solar physicists". Manfred Schüssler has supervised 18 PhD students in the Solar System School (International Max Planck Research School on "Physical Processes in the Solar System and Beyond" at the Universities of Braunschweig and Göttingen from 2002-2013 and International Max Planck Research School for Solar System Science at the University of Göttingen since 2013). One of the Solar System School's former students, Mark Cheung, will receive the 2017 Karen Harvey Prize "for a significant contribution to the study of the Sun early in a person’s professional career" at the same time as his advisor, Manfred Schüssler, will receive the 2017 George Ellery Hale Prize "for outstanding contributions to the field of solar astronomy".

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