Open PhD project: Interaction of sound waves with Solar granulation

Hydrodynamic simulations of near surface convection and waves in the Sun and stars

The energy transport near the surface of the Sun and other Sun-like stars is dominated by convection, leading to the granulation visible at the solar surface. The near surface convection also excites sound waves traveling throughout the stars, allowing us to study their interiors. Unfortunately the interaction between these phenomena is poorly understood.

In this project we will study this interaction using hydrodynamic simulations and look at some of the observable effects on the Sun and other stars. This work is important, not just because it presents an interesting physical problem, but also because it will allow us to make better use of solar and stellar observations. With data from the PHI instrument on Solar Orbiter we will also be able to study some of these effects observationally.

J. Schou, "Effects of granulation on the visibility of solar oscillations," Astronomy and Astrophysics 580, L11 (2015).
Jesper Schou and Aaron Birch, "Estimating the nonstructural component of the helioseismic surface term using hydrodynamic simulations," Astronomy and Astrophysics 638, A51 (2020).

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