Open PhD Projects in the "Solar and Stellar Interiors" department

In the "Solar and Stellar Interiors" department, Laurent Gizon, Jesper Schou, Aaron Birch, Robert Cameron and others offer PhD projects in solar physics and astrophysics. Helioseismology and asteroseismology are used as important tools to study the oscillating Sun and stars.

Physics of Waves

Interaction of Sound Waves with Solar granulation (Schou)

Computational Helioseismology in the frequency domain (Gizon, Fournier)

Modeling Rossby waves in the Solar Interior (Birch, Christensen, Fournier, Gizon)

Physical origin of supergranulation waves (Wicht, Gizon)

Convection zone dynamics

Why do different helioseismology techniques give vastly different answers for subsurface convective flows? (Birch)

Meridional flows in the solar interior (Birch, Liang, Gizon)

Dynamos driven by helioseismically determined flows (Cameron)

Stellar Interiors

More asteroseismology projects to be added in the near future.

Exoplanets and their Host Stars

Development of analysis tools to analyze the oscillations of planet-host stars, in preparation for the PLATO mission (Gizon)

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