Dynamos driven by helioseismically determined flows

Determining which solar dynamo models are consistent with flows determined from helioseismology

The Sun's magnetic field is driven by a dynamo operating in the convection zone, where the large scale flows are  constrained by helioseismology. Helioseismology can be considered to provide the range of flows which are are  consistent with the data at some significance level. Because a range of flows is allowed by the helioseismic inversions, a range of dynamo solutions will be compatible with the helioseismic observations. 

This project will study the properties of the global dynamos resulting from the allowed range of the helioseismically  inferred flows. These properties (e.g. the length of the cycles and the propagation of the activity belt towards the  equator) will be compared against observations. This comparison will better allow us to understand the flows and physics responsible for the solar cycle.

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