CWS successfully integrated into ISLiD

Another milestone in the hardware phase of Sunrise achieved! more

ISLiD Optical Alignment

ISLiD Optical Alignment

January 15, 2021

High-precision measurements of the optical alignment in the Image Stabilization and Light Distribution unit (ISLiD). more

All mechanical components of the SUSI instrument successfully tested in the thermal vacuum chamber. more

Assembly of the Light Distribution Unit Started

The high-resolution image produced by the 1-m main telescope needs to be stabilized for residual jitter and distributed to the three scientific instruments. This is achieved by the Image Stabilisation and Light Distribution unit (ISLiD). The assembly of ISLiD started now in the clean rooms of MPS. more

SUSI: TV test of flight components

The first TV test of the SUSI flight components was successfully completed. The grating mechanism, the scan mirror and the filter wheel performed as expected. more

MPF Support for Sunrise III

The Max Planck Foundation evaluates Sunrise III highly and grants launch support more

New Shine for Sunrise’s Telescope

The balloon mission Sunrise is to take off again in two years. The telescope's main mirror has now been coated with a fresh layer of aluminum. more

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