Childcare whilst on travel for work

What do I do when I’m travelling for work?

When Institute employees have to attend a business trip or a professional development course and have to make additional child care arrangements, the Institute provides a subsidy for the additional childcare.

Employees should submit the application along with the travel application form. As a rule, costs will be reimbursed, once proof has been submitted. The following documents should be submitted:

  1. an INVOICE issued by the "babysitter" with details on the time period and place in which the childcare took place,
  2. a corresponding transfer voucher or a receipt confirming payment of the childcare costs,
  3. a written confirmation from the marriage partner / life partner that he / she was unable to care for the children during the time (with reasons).

Childcare costs will be reimbursed for children up to age 14, and for older children in special circumstances.

Up to 88.40€ can be reimbursed per 24-hour period (maximum 8.84€ per hour for a maximum of 10 hours). Costs for childcare at the child's place of residence, the place of employment of the carer or the location of the carer can be reimbursed. Childcare costs abroad can also be claimed. Due to tax laws, a maximum of 600€ can be reimbursed per year.

If two or more children are cared for, the hourly rate and the daily rate are each to 1.5 times the single rates (hourly rate 13,26 €; day's rate 132,60 €). The possible reimbursement per year will not be affected.

Certain additional costs can also be reimbursed within a defined cost limit, if the employee’s case fulfils the requirements. These additional costs include:

  • Overnight accommodation costs for the child at the business trip location (e.g. extra bed), if there is an urgent reason for the child to accompany the employee on the business trip
  • If the carer provides care free of charge
    • Costs for the carer's outward and return travel
    • Detour costs for the employee, e.g. to take the child to the carer
  • If the carer charges for care (proof to be submitted)
    • Travel costs, e.g. for the child or carer if the child is being looked after at the business trip location and if there is an urgent reason for the child to accompany the employee on the business trip

For further information, please see the information sheet "New features when reimbursing additional childcare/ long-term care costs for business travel" or the entry in the Organisational Handbook (OHB, login required) "XIV.2.1.01 Equal Opportunity, Diversity - Fundamental Information on the Reconciliation of Career and Family Life". The application form for the reimbursement of additional childcare costs whilst travelling for work is in the right hand column. 

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