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The MPS has contributed to several instruments of the Rosetta mission. The institute heads the science teams of the scientific camera system OSIRIS (orbiter), the secondary ion mass spectrometer COSIMA (orbiter), and the gas analyzer COSAC (Philae). In addition the MPS is involved in five further instruments: ROSINA, MIRO, CONSERT, DIM, and ROMAP. more
Asteroid Lutetia
On 10. July, 2010 ESA's spacecraft Rosetta flew by the asteroid Lutetia. OSIRIS, the scientific camera system on board, succeeded in taking unique images of a strange world. Further images more
Asteroid Steins
The spacecraft Rosetta completed its first asteroid flyby on 8. September, 2008. Only 800 kilometers seperated Rosetta and the asteroid Steins. more
Earth Flybys
Impressives images of Earth: On 13. November, 2007 and 12. November, 2009 Rosetta flew by Earth in order to take up speed. A glance at our home through the eyes of the spacecraft. more
Mars Flyby
The red planet as seen from the perspective of Rosetta: In the night from 24. to 25. February, 2007 the spacecraft completed a Mars swing-by. more
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