Precision Mechanics Workshop

Precision Mechanics Workshop

In the precision mechanics workshop, individual components (from prototype to flight parts), small batch series and assemblies are manufactured on state of the art machines, based on technical drawings and 3D CAD data.

The available manufacturing techniques are ranging from conventional machining to 3-axis and 5-axis CNC turning and milling machines.

The experienced workers and technicians in the precision mechanics workshop support and advise the projects in the design and construction in view of the later manufacturing process and programme complex manufacturing sequences via CAM software.


The machining of the often complex or delicate components made mainly from aluminium alloys, but also stainless steels, titanium, tungsten, invar, platinum and vacuum-resistant plastics benefits from the knowledge and experience that the employees have built up over the years. The usually required demanding precision is only achievable with creative detail work and expert knowledge about the handling of special alloys.


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