Student Projects in Department Solar and Stellar Interiors Department

December 13, 2021

Completed PhD Projects  (IMPRS, Universität Göttingen)

PhD Projects related to our department

  • PhD Projects in ANTS (Advanced Numerical Methods for Helioseismology)
    • 2021 Nathan Rouxelin, UNIVERSITÉ DE PAU ET DES PAYS DE L'ADOUR 
      Méthodes numériques mixtes condensées pour l'étude de la propagation des ondes acoustiques en écoulement. Applications en héliosismologie

Open PhD Projects:  

See IMPRS website about Open PhD Projects in the "Solar and Stellar Interiors" Department

Completed Master Projects supervised by the researchers in our department

  • 2021 Jan-Vincent Harre,  Universität Göttingen & MPS 

    Systematic exoplanet transit search with state-of-the-art detection algorithms

  • 2019 Anina Timmermann,  Universität Göttingen 
    Radial Velocity Observations of the Planet-Candidate-Hosting Star Kepler- 1625 with CARMENES 
    (paper based on the thesis: A&A 635(2020) A59 or arXiv )

  • 2018 Huanchen Hu, Universität Innsbruck/Universität Göttingen 
    Coupling of solar p and g modes
  • 2018 Stefano Renzo Garcia Castañeda, Universität Göttingen 
    Age sensitivity of stellar structure glitches
  • 2017 Max Winkler, Universität Göttingen   (Master project work)
    Modelling the influence of tidal and orbital evolution on terrestrial planets: implications for the habitable zone around low mass stars and the faint early sun paradox
  • 2016 Paul-Louis Poulier, SAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse
    Wave propagation and multiple scattering in the subsurface of the Sun
  • 201 Rahul Sarkar, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpour, Department of Geology & Geophysics, Kharagput
    A mass-conserved formalism for helioseismic inversion

Completed Bachelor Projects supervised by the researchers in our department

  • 2020 Hooman Lali, Universität Göttingen 
    Dispersion correction in time-distance helioseismology
  • 2018 Björn MüllerUniversität Göttingen 
    Inversionen solarer meridionaler Flüsse mit Pinsker-Schätzer / Inversion of Meridional Flow Using Pinsker Estimator
  • 2018 Hendrik MüllerUniversität Göttingen 
    Rekonstruktion des Realteils der Greenschen Funktion aus dem Imaginärteil und Anwendung in iterativer Regularisierung / Reconstruction of Real Part of Scattering Green’s Function from the Imaginary Part and Application to Iterative Regularization
  • 2018 Leonie FrantzenUniversität Göttingen 
    Latitudinal trapping of solar equatorial Rossby waves by differential rotation
  • 2012 Tim LichtenbergUniversität Göttingen 
    Constraining Exoplanet Characteristics with Asteroseismology

Other student projects 

Projects related to our department

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