Sun-like stars rotate like the Sun

IMPRS-Alumnus Dr. Martin Bo Nielsen receives prize of the Dr. Berliner-Dr. Ungewitter foundation

July 06, 2016

The difference between internal and the surface rotation of the Sun is thought to be a requirement for the formation of the Sun’s magnetic field. Whether similar mechanisms also act in other sun-like stars was unclear, as the change of their rotation with depth was not known. In his dissertation Martin Bo Nielsen studied five sun-like stars and for the first time succeeded in placing constraints on the variation of their rotation with depth. By combining two independent methods of measuring rotation he could conclude that the rotation of these stars is very similar to that of the Sun. For his work he is awarded with the prize of the Dr. Berliner-Dr. Ungewitter foundation which will be presented to him on the 8th of July.

More information can be found in the announcement of the University of Göttingen:

Press release (in German)

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