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<h3>Mahti pilot project: How does small-scale dynamo action occur in the Sun?</h3>

The new Finnish supercomputer "Mahti" is to be deployed, after an acceptance phase, to general usage soon. CSC's Scientific Customer Panel selected 22 projects that will be run as CSC's Mahti Pilot Projects during the acceptance phase starting in 6th of July 2020. SOLSTAR group members are actively participating in one of the projects, running models of the solar small-scale dynamo, that will use 65,536 cores and consuming 36 million CPU hours. more

<p>Turbulent convection at the heart of stellar magnetic activity</p>

By combining modern data analysis techniques with stellar structure modelling researchers shed new light on stellar dynamos.  more

<h1 class="title">Global magneto-convection models of stars with varying rotation rate - PhD thesis by Mariangela Viviani</h1>

Mariangela Viviani, defended her dissertation "Global magneto-convection models of stars with varying rotation rate" on Friday 24 January 2020 in the Georg August University, Göttingen, Germany. more

<p>Slowly rotating stars with reversed butterfly diagrams: how to explain these dynamos?</p>

We analysed a simulation of a solar-like star that is rotating slowly enough to revert its differential rotation profile from the solar-like one with a fast equator and slow poles into one with a slow equator and fast poles. In this simulation, the butterfly diagram, describing migration of the mean azimuthal magnetic field as function of time, also reversed from solar-like equatorward migration into a poleward one. Numerical solutions of this kind are unusual, but very interesting, as the Sun itself may approach such a regime, when it ages and slows down... more

<p>Virtual reality tour to the Sun for Shaking up Tech</p>

Shaking up Tech event brought hundreds of Finnish female students together to explore technology.  more

<p>Over 20-year long series of Doppler images of an active star published</p>

Our group has contributed significantly to the collection of a spectroscopic time series of active stars at the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) at La Palma, Spain, using the high-resolution spectrographs SOFIN and FIES. The former instrument has served at NOT since 1993, since 2004 including also  a polarimetric mode... more

<p><span>ERC Consolidator Grant to Maarit Käpylä</span></p>

MPS-scientist Maarit Käpylä receives a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Commission to conduct the project "Building up a Unified Theory of Stellar Dynamos (UniSDyn)". more

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