MSc/BSc projects

  • Combining global magnetoconvection and dynamo models - accounting for the full turbulent effects 
  • Cyclic dynamos from simulations - what is the mechanism driving the magnetic cycle?
  • Large- and small-scale dynamos and shear acting together - who kills who, and why? 
  • Deriving spot lifetimes of an active pole-on star

SOLSTAR news archive

SOLSTAR news archive

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ERC Consolidator Grant to Maarit Käpylä

December 20, 2018
MPS-scientist Maarit Käpylä receives a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Commission to conduct the project "Building up a Unified Theory of Stellar Dynamos (UniSDyn)". [more]
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Estimating rotation periods and magnetic cycle lengths of active stars - PhD thesis by Nigul Olspert

November 08, 2018
Nigul Olspert, M.Sc., will defend the dissertation "From periodic to cyclic processes in stellar magnetic activity research: time series analysis methods and their applications" on Friday 16 November at 12 noon at the Aalto University School of Science, lecture hall AS1, Maarintie 8, Espoo.  [more]
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Best poster award for Mariangela Viviani

March 02, 2018
During the IAUS340 in Jaipur (India) Mariangela Viviani was rewarded with the "Best Poster Award" in her session "VII: Solar Stellar Dynamo". [more]
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Turbulent transport coefficients measured from stellar convective dynamos

January 05, 2018
Turbulent effects play an important role in the magnetic generation of the Sun and stars. Unfortunately, at the moment observation are not able to reveal these effects. On way to understand how these turbulent effects can generate magnetic field via dynamo mechanisms is to study global 3 dimensional magnetohydrodynamic simulation of the Sun and stars...  [more]
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Extended subadiabatic layer in simulations of overshooting convection

August 22, 2017
Using three-dimensional simulations with smoothly varying heat conduction profile we found solutions where a substantial fraction of the lower part of the convection zone is stably stratified according to the Schwarzschild criterion. If these results carry over to the Sun... [more]
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Supercomputer can shed light on sunspot formation

May 11, 2017
The SPOTSIM project, which studies the formation of sunspots, has been awarded competed time on the Mare Nostrum supercomputer in Spain. The awarded resources amount to 20 million CPU hours -  a computing time equal to approximately 500 years on a normal laptop. The group of researchers including scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany and the Aalto University in Finland hopes to pinpoint the role played by turbulent plasma flows within the Sun. [more]
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Zeeman-Doppler imaging of active young solar type stars

August 15, 2016
We present the surface magnetic field and brightness maps of three active solar-type stars (AH Lep, HD 29615, V1358 Ori) using Zeeman-Doppler imaging for high resolution spectropolarimetry obtained with HARPSpol at the ESO 3.6m telescope. Two of the stars show dominance of the poloidal field over the toroidal one and ... [more]
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