Coronal Spectroscopy and Imaging

Coronal Spectroscopy and Imaging

Our research focusses on ultraviolet imaging and spectroscopy techniques, targeting at solar coronal features with a variety of scientific topics and methods that include:

  • morphology and dynamics of coronal holes, spicules, sunspots, prominences/filaments, plumes
  • coronal heating, energy transport
  • flows, jets, flares, transient events; solar wind acceleration
  • waves, oscillations
  • density and temperature diagnostic, abundances
  • ir/radiance measurements, line identification

The group's substantial involvement in the development and operation of space-based far and extreme ultraviolet solar telescopes has naturally led to a broad range of studies aiming at unravelling the underlying processes in the solar chromosphere, transition region and corona.  The upper solar atmosphere is best - but not exclusively - observed in these wavelength ranges that are not accessible from the ground. Our research aims to constrain models that describe coronal dynamics on all scales, from the small-scale processes that drive the solar wind to large-scale flare and CME eruptions. The group's research complements the more theoretically orientated Coronal Dynamics and Plasma Simulation groups. This close collaboration between theory and observation is vital for our contribution to the development of ideas to push the limits of today’s technology to build the next-generation solar spectrometers and cameras.

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