Publications of W. I. Axford

Conference Paper (51)

Conference Paper
Krimigis, S. M.; Armstrong, T. P.; Axford, W. I.; Bostrom, C. O.; Gloeckler, G.; Keath, E. P.; Lanzerotti, L. J.; Carbary, J. F.; Hamilton, D. C.; Roelof, E. C.: Low energy charged particles (LECP). In: AGU Fall Meeting. (1981)
Conference Paper
Webb, G. M.; Axford, W. I.; Forman, M. A.: Cosmic ray acceleration by stellar winds: I. Total density, pressure and energy flux. In: Proc. 17th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Paris, 13-25 July 1981, pp. 309 - 312. (1981)
Conference Paper
Axford, W. I.: The acceleration of galactic cosmic rays. In: Proc. IAU/IUPAP Symposium on Origin of Cosmic Rays, Bologna, 11-14 June. (1980)
Conference Paper
Axford, W. I.: Comets and cometary missions - an introductory review. In: Proc. Workshop on Cometary Missions, Bamberg, Germany, 20-22 February 1979, pp. 1 - 12. Remeis-Sternwarte Bamberg und Astronomisches Institut der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (1979)
Conference Paper
Hamilton, D. C.; Gloeckler, G.; Armstrong, T. P.; Axford, W. I.; Bostrom, C. O.; Fan, C. Y.; Krimigis, S. M.; Lanzerotti, L. J.: Recurrent energetic particle events associated with forward/reverse shock pairs near 4 AU in 1978. In: Conference papers, 16th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 06-18 August 1979, pp. 363 - 367. (1979)
Conference Paper
Axford, W. I.; Leer, E.; Skadron, G.: The acceleration of cosmic rays by shock waves. In: Proc. 10th Leningrad Seminar on Space Physics, 6-8 October 1978, pp. 125 - 133 (Eds. Dergachov; Kocharov). (1978)
Conference Paper
Axford, W. I.; Leer, E.; Skadron, G.: The acceleration of cosmic rays by shock waves. In: Conference papers, 15th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 13-26 August 1977, pp. 132 - 137. (1977)
Conference Paper
Axford, W. I.: Flow of mass and energy in the solar system. In: Proc. International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Boulder, Colorado, 07-18 June 1976. (1976)

Report (4)

Axford, W. I.; Feldman, W.; Forman, M. A.; Habbal, S. R.; Ling, J. C.; Moses, S.; Title, A.; Woo, R.; Young, D. T.: Close encounter with the Sun. Report of the Minimum Solar Mission Science Definition Team. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena (1995)
Nielsen, E.; Axford, W. I.; Hagfors, T.; Kopka, H.; Armand, N. A.; Andrianov, V. A.; Shtern, D. J.; Breus, T.: The ``Long wavelength radar'' on the Mars-94 orbiter. Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany (1994)
Hartmann, G.; Schanda, E.; Kunzi, E.; Axford, W. I.: Microwave atmosphere sounder for earth limb observations from space. Project and program description. Dornier-IAP, Univ. of Bern - MPAE Lindau (1981)
Axford, W. I.: The status and future of magnetospheric physics. Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany (1976)
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